How to Download Pokemon Xenoverse ?

How to download pokemon xenoverse ? Pokémon Xenoverse is a ROM hack developed by an Italian team called Team WEEDle. This fan-made Pokémon title was created using the RPG Maker systems and features a brand new story for Pokémon fans to unravel. It is still in testing, and you can expect updates to come.

Everything we know about Pokémon Xenoverse

Pokémon Xenoverse is a fan-made game created by a team of over 100 people. It features many additions and returning mechanics that Pokémon fans love.

A brand new adventure entails traveling in a new region and forming a bond with your starter Pokémon like never before. There are 14 cities to discover with a variety of themes and environments.

You can also complete in-game goals to earn various rewards and enjoy a system to replace HM Pokémon. Changes to evolution are also present, and even the return of Mega Evolution. Pokémon Xenoverse is still in the alpha stage, but there is already plenty of content to experience in this ROM hack.

How to download Pokémon Xenoverse

To download Pokemon Xenoverse, head to the official Pokémon Xenoverse website. At the top, you will see an option to download the Pokémon ROM.

Click this to begin your download. With any ROM, you download it at your own risk, and we recommend scanning for viruses and verifying you are downloading from an official source.

how to download pokemon xenoverse

How to play Pokémon Xenoverse

Once you have downloaded and installed Pokémon Xenoverse, you will need a ROM Emulator to play the title. You can find various emulators online but go with one that is trusted by the gaming community. Downloading emulators is also risky, and you should review your local area’s rules and regulations on emulating titles.

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New Pokémon in Pokémon Xenoverse

Pokémon Xenoverse features not only new Pokémon but a new type—Clay, that will change up the strength and weakness system. Players can expect to meet and capture up to 463 Pokémon, including 269 new Pokémon and 165 returning Pokémon

You get your first experience of the new Pokémon in the starter trio. This includes Shyleon, the Grass/Fairy Pokémon, Trishout, the Fire/Clay Pokémon, and Shulong, the Water/Dragon Pokémon.

However, these are just the start of your new adventure, and with time, you will discover the X Species—Pokémon from another dimension.

Pokemon Xenoverse

Pokemon Xenoverse is a fan-made game project that reimagines the traditional Pokemon formula by introducing new mechanics and features. It is developed by a group of dedicated fans and is not officially affiliated with the Pokemon Company or Nintendo.

The game takes place in a new region called Rikoto, which is based on South America. It features new Pokemon, moves, abilities, and game mechanics, such as a new type chart, breeding system, and a new battle system called the Active Time Battle (ATB) system.

The game also has a unique story that involves the player character and their rival discovering a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the Rikoto region. The player must travel through the region, collect badges, and battle powerful trainers to uncover the truth and save the region.

Pokemon Xenoverse is a fan-made game that is still in development, and it is not available for official download or purchase. However, interested players can find more information about the project on various fan-made game websites and forums.

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The story of Pokemon Xenoverse takes place in the Rikoto region, a vast area with diverse landscapes ranging from forests to deserts to mountains.

The player takes on the role of a young Pokemon trainer who has just moved to the region, eager to embark on a journey to become a Pokemon Master.

As the player explores the region and collects badges from Gym Leaders, they begin to uncover a conspiracy that threatens the safety of the Rikoto region. Along the way, the player encounters a rival trainer who is also investigating the strange occurrences happening in the region.

Together, the player and their rival uncover clues that lead them to the mysterious organization known as Team Xenoverse, a group determined to gain control of the legendary Pokemon in order to achieve their own nefarious goals.

As the player battles their way through Team Xenoverse’s ranks, they discover that the organization has been experimenting with a new type of Pokemon known as Delta Pokemon, which possess unique typing and abilities that set them apart from regular Pokemon.

With the help of their Pokemon team and their rival, the player ultimately confronts Team Xenoverse’s leader and puts a stop to their plans. In the end, the player becomes the champion of the Rikoto region, having saved it from a dangerous threat and formed strong bonds with their Pokemon along the way.

how to download pokemon xenoverse


The gameplay of Pokemon Xenoverse is similar to the mainline Pokemon games, with the player exploring the Rikoto region, battling other trainers, and catching and training Pokemon. However, the game introduces new mechanics and features that set it apart from traditional Pokemon games.

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One of the most notable additions to the gameplay is the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which replaces the turn-based battle system of previous Pokemon games.

In the ATB system, each Pokemon and trainer has a speed stat that determines how quickly they can act in battle. The player must strategically choose which moves to use based on their Pokemon’s speed and the moves of their opponents.

Another significant addition to the gameplay is the breeding system, which allows players to breed their Pokemon to produce offspring with desirable stats and abilities. The breeding system also introduces new mechanics such as egg moves and the ability to pass down Hidden Abilities.

The game also features a new type chart, with the introduction of the Light type and the removal of the Fairy type. Additionally, there are new Pokemon to catch, with over 700 Pokemon from various regions making an appearance in the game.

The Rikoto region is also filled with secrets and hidden areas for players to discover, as well as various side quests and challenges to complete. The game also features multiplayer functionality, allowing players to battle and trade with each other online.

Overall, Pokemon Xenoverse offers a fresh take on the traditional Pokemon formula, introducing new mechanics and features while staying true to the core elements of the series.

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