How to change tick speed in minecraft? How to Increase Tick Speed in Minecraft

How to change tick speed in minecraft? Minecraft is not really a speedy game but what if we could change that? Everybody has seen a speed run, but what if you just want to speed up a normal play-through? In this article, we will walk you through how to speed up time in Minecraft!

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What is the command to run faster in Minecraft?

Speeding up time is a neat trick and so is speeding up your running speed. Sometimes we will do this if we need to run to the nearest village which is kind of a long way away. Using the speed-up command is pretty much the same as using a potion of swiftness. To use this command make sure cheats are on, open the chat like shown above, and type: /effect give (player name) minecraft:speed . The first number in this command is the number of seconds you want the effect to last; the second number is how many times the effect is amplified.

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How to change tick speed in minecraft

Changing the time of day with a command

Another way to speed up time in Minecraft is by changing the day and night cycle with commands. This way is pretty simple and does not affect your gameplay as much as the other two options. To use this command make sure cheats are on, open the chat like shown above, and type: time set (time you want). You can set the time to day, midnight, night, noon, and number values from 0 to 24000. Daytime starts at 0 and nighttime starts at 13000 for reference. In Bedrock, you can also set the time to sunset.

Now you can fast forward time in Minecraft

Now you know a couple of ways to speed up gameplay and your character using commands! If you want to read more about what you can do with commands in Minecraft, check out cool Minecraft commands.

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Changing your tick rate in Minecraft

The command for changing the tick rate in Minecraft is basically the same in Java and Bedrock Edition, but there are differences in the default tick speed. Minecraft Java Edition has the default tick speed set at 3, while Bedrock Edition is slightly slower, having a tick speed of 1.

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You can change your Minecraft tick speed by using the command: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 6. You can replace the number 6 with just about any number but deviating from the default value can have some pretty catastrophic consequences for your gameplay.

If we take into account that in Java Edition, the tick rate is set at three, making the tick speed six will speed up the game while making it two will slow it down.

In Minecraft, a subchunk is a 16x16x16 block area, and they stack vertically to form chunks of 384 blocks. In the Java version, the median time between random ticks, which trigger block updates, is 47.30 seconds. It’s possible to disable block updates by setting the random ticks to 0 in Java.

What happens if your tick rate is too slow?

Making your tick rate too slow in Minecraft might lead to the opposite effects than what we’ve mentioned above. Redstone mechanisms might become sluggish and unresponsive. Your mob farms will most likely no longer work because they spawn and despawn much slower. Your server performance might appear to be sluggish, and physics issues might also appear.

How to use commands to change tick speed in Minecraft

Commands to increase random tick speed

Before increasing or decreasing the speed of a random tick, players must first ensure that their world allows cheats so that they can type commands in it. Once they are in the world, players can type in this exact command to change the speed: ‘/gamerule randomTickSpeed {value in number}’

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Players must first understand that the world has a default random tick speed of 3 in Java Edition and 1 in Bedrock Edition. They must never increase the speed too high as it can cause the game to hang and not work properly. Anything over 1000 random tick speed can cause problems. However, it depends on the specifications of the device on which the game is played.

Once the speed is increased, players won’t be able to notice any drastic changes in the world. However, there are a few things that will speed up or slow down, depending on the value set by the player while modifying the tick speed.

What modifying random tick speed will change in the world

Once players enter the game rule command and modify the tick speed, they will notice certain things happening quicker or slower than before in the game. Players usually increase the tick speed rather than decreasing it. Hence, they will usually see certain events speed up exponentially.

Random ticks happen once every 20 minutes, and can change the growth of the crops, the oxidization of copper blocks, spread of fire, etc. Once the players increase its speed, they will start noticing that the crops will grow faster. If a player burns a tree, the fire will spread much faster, and several other changes like this.

How to change tick speed in minecraft

What Happens If The Tick Speed Is Too High or Low?

If you set the tick speed too high, say 24000 ticks per second, the cycles will complete much faster, although the game will lag as many events will be updated in real-time. Very high tick speeds are often the leading cause of sudden performance issues.

However, there are advantages of a high tick speed in Minecraft, like speedier growth of plants and faster progression of other events like spreading fire.

What If The Tick Speed Is Set Too Low?

If the tick speed is too low, the events that usually happen in a reasonable period will start happening much later, and the game’s pace will appear sluggish.

Above is information how to change tick speed in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to change tick speed in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post

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