How to change minecraft username and Gamertag

How to change minecraft username? If you’re playing Minecraft online, your username is usually the first thing that people see when they look at you. So if you don’t like your username — maybe it’s silly, outdated, or just has a typo — you’ll want to change it right away.

It shouldn’t take long to change your Minecraft username, but the exact method you use depends on what version of the game you play. Here’s what you need to know.

How to change your Minecraft username

There are two major versions of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock. They have a whole host of differences, and one of those differences is the steps you need to follow to change your username.

If you’re not sure which version you have, think about what system you’re using.

If you’re playing on a Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you’re playing Bedrock.

If you’re playing on a Mac or Linux computer, you’re playing Java.

If you’re playing on a PC, it could be either. Open Minecraft and see if it says Java Edition below the title — if it does, you’re playing Java. If it doesn’t, you’re playing Bedrock.

How to change minecraft username

What to do if you’re playing Bedrock, but don’t have a Microsoft account

Some versions of Minecraft Bedrock — specifically, the versions for Switch, PlayStation, iPhone, iPad, and Android — don’t require you to have a Microsoft account to play. Not having a Microsoft account locks you out of multiplayer, but if you still want to change your username, you have options.

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On an iPhone, iPad, or Android, the default name without a Microsoft account is “Steve.” You can change it by tapping Settings and then Profile.

On a PlayStation, your name will match your PlayStation Network name. There are three ways to change that, which you can find more details on here.

And on the Nintendo Switch, your name will be whatever your console’s profile name is. You can change your Switch name through the user profile screen.

Changing a Username via Microsoft or Mojang

This is the primary, most popular way of changing a username on Minecraft. However, if player’s have an outdated Mojang account, it’ll prompt users to convert it immediately to a Microsoft account as state before. Here are the steps to changing a username this way:

  • Go to the official Minecraft website
  • Log in and navigate to the profile page
  • Click Change in the profile
  • Get creative with a new username

How To Change Your Minecraft Username

Like a lot of gamers – past, sometimes embarrassing usernames are outgrown, and a username change is a perfect fresh start. Back in 2015, Mojang began allowing users to change their usernames for all Java accounts. However, changing a username in Minecraft is a little more complex compared to other online games. It depends on the platform and the version.

This guide will entail on how to change a Minecraft username on all platforms. To preface, it’s easier to do this if the account is connected to Microsoft and/or Mojang. However, back in March 2022 Microsoft began its mandatory alert for all Minecraft gamers to switch from Mojang to a Microsoft account.

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It’s also important to keep in mind that a gamertag on Xbox is separate from a username on Minecraft. However, the two can still be the same. In Bedrock versions of Minecraft, a gamertag is present above a player’s avatar because Bedrock versions of Minecraft are part of Xbox’s system in multiplayer mode. This will be the case even if someone is playing Bedrock with Windows 10 or Xbox.

How to Username of Your Minecraft Profile?

Most platforms in the digital world such as social media networks or gaming sites allow users to change the username. While some allow a limited number of changes, a few others limit the username change only once. However, there are many digital platforms which don’t force such limits. On Minecraft, the gamers are allowed multiple Minecraft change name. However, there is a 30-day lock period for usernames as the game disables the Minecraft change username feature for the next 30 days once the gamer has changed his/her name.

The 30-day lock period for Minecraft usernames also implies on new accounts. So, if you are trying to find a way to change Minecraft name without 30 days waiting period, then we are sorry to inform you that it is not possible on Minecraft as it is against its gaming policy.

How to Change Minecraft Username? A Step-by-Step Guide to Minecraft Name Change

If you are an avid internet user, then you must be aware of the importance of user handles or usernames. The usernames become your identity on the internet and most of us want to use pseudonyms as usernames instead of our real names. However, sometimes we simply use our real name or a meaningless pseudonym as the username and plan to change it. While most platforms allow changing usernames, Minecraft has some limitations when you need to change Minecraft username.

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Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the gaming world with over 91 million monthly active users around the globe. The game is created by Swedish game developer Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang, a leading game developer, and publisher based in Sweden. Minecraft appeals to the creative minds as it involves building structures in a 3D procedurally created world. The game features multiple game modes which make Minecraft even more exciting for the players.

Gaming is a huge industry now and people are investing in gaming essentials such as 4K Monitors, game screen recorders, microphones for YouTube gaming and commentary etc. Hence, every gamer wishes for each element of gaming to be perfect, including the username.

If you are one of the Minecraft gamers and wish to change Minecraft username, then continue reading this tutorial where we have explained how to change your Minecraft username in 9 simple steps.

How to change minecraft username

Limitations Of Minecraft Username Changes

Planning to change your Minecraft username? Let’s look at some limitations and issues before you do.

Wait time: You can change your Minecraft username once every 30 days. That’s right, just once a month.

Length: Your username must be 3 to 16 characters long. Not too short or too long, okay?

Symbols: You can only use uppercase and lowercase letters (A to Z), numbers (0 to 9), and underscores (_). No other special characters allowed!

Keep it clean: Please avoid offensive or inappropriate content. We want a friendly gaming community!

Above is information how to change minecraft username.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to change minecraft username .Thank you for reading our post.

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