How to Block in Dragon ball Fighterz ? Dragon Ball FighterZ: How To Master Blocking

How to block in dragon ball fighterz ? Dragon Ball FighterZ is the latest fighting game installment in the series that brings together several fan-favorite characters for exciting 3v3 battles. Each fighter has their own play style and moves that you can mix and match to deliver some deadly combos. Like with most fighting games, you also have the option to block any incoming attacks and punish the enemy with your own attacks.

Blocking is extremely simple and only requires you to press back on the d-pad depending on where your character is facing. Your character will automatically block any incoming blows, significantly reducing any incoming damage. The key to winning fights is to balance both offensive and defensive strategies, so make sure to wait for the right opening before striking back. Similarly, the game does not have any “throw” mechanics but relies on a move called the “Dragon Rush” instead. You can use this technique to punish opponents that rely heavily on blocking damage.

Remember that sometimes the best defense is also a good offense, so don’t be afraid to go in and deal some damage. One key to winning fights is to keep your enemies guessing and stay unpredictable.

That’s all you need to know to block in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Make sure to check out our wiki for more Dragon Ball FighterZ tips and tricks.

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Defending against the homing dash

Here are five main things to keep in mind when defending against super dashes:

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how to block in dragon ball fighterz

1) Block high and do not attempt to punish a super dash on block

Super dashes are safe on block, and one of the biggest beginner mistakes in Dragon Ball FighterZ is to mash buttons upon blocking the opponent’s super dash. It’s one of the simplest frame traps in the game and it’s why opponents love mixing super dashes into block-strings.

So remember not to try and punish this move after blocking and blocking high, as moves performed during a super-dash count as overheads.

2) Use reflect to put some distance from the opponent

Reflects are also another universally available option in Dragon Ball FighterZ (with the exception of Videl) that can be used to stop an opponent’s super dash from connecting. Reflects can be performed by pressing 4S.

The main problem with reflects: since they make the opponent back away, it is not possible to punish their attempts at super-dashing. Player have to use the distance and create offensive opportunities.

3) 2H is the best and most standard punish for super dashes

Down heavy or 2H has a slow start-up but has invincibility that allows players in Dragon Ball FighterZ to punish super-dashes even when performed relatively late. It allows players to use a full punish combo and is definitely the best option available against super dashes in the game.

However, it is quite dependent on player reactions and will have to be actively practiced. A general strategy opponents use to avoid this is to super-dash from a closer distance so that the player cannot press 2H in time.

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4) Jumping light or medium attacks can counter super dashes if timed well

This is more of a character specific tip because not every character in Dragon Ball FighterZ can use these buttons to punish a super dash. It’s also quite hard to time this right to counter-attack.

This is more of an option for when opponents super dash while the player is in the air. It’s in general quite hard to deal with super dashes while in the air, but with practice it becomes possible to punish opponents who super dash while in the air too.

5) Most raw supers counter super dashes

This is the most unusual tip of the lot, and it’s because doing supers without confirming them is pretty weird in Dragon Ball FighterZ. But it’s a valid option to deal with super dashes as supers have invincibility frames at the start.

It’s a meter hungry option, but a definitive way of telling an opponent to back off. Supers that are command grabs do not work when dealing with super dashes.

how to block in dragon ball fighterz


The first read that experts make on new players is that they’re “probably just going to mash buttons.” It’s understandable: When faced with a game like this, most people do. However, to the expert, the opponent who just mashes buttons and hopes for the best is like a rock-paper-scissors player who yells “ROCK!” before the game has even begun, and who continues to yell “ROCK!” forever. All you have to do to beat them is say “paper.” This is a free win.

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This is because fighting games are, at their core, much like rock-paper-scissors. The three main actions in most fighting games have a similar relationship. In a good fighting game, every move has a counter.

Blocking beats attacks. Throws (in this game, that’s Dragon Rush) beat blocking. Attacks beat throws.

So if I think you’re going to mash buttons (like above) and hope for the best, I’m going to sit back and block until I see you leave yourself open with a big move. Then I’m going to attack, land my combo and keep on attacking.

On the other side of the coin, if I think you’re going to block for a bit, I’m going to try and swoop in with the Dragon Rush (like above). Its function is basically the same as throwing in other fighting games, and it’s harder to avoid the closer in you are. Attacking the Dragon Rush as it comes in, preferably with a fast light attack, will either counter it or cause a clash that leaves both players at a neutral distance from each other.

There are, of course, many more moves and counters than this in Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it’s important to understand the core relationship. Everything comes down to expectations and your opponent’s guess of what your next move is going to be. When we get to “I knew you thought I was going to do that,” that’s when the game gets truly interesting. If you only play rock, you’ll never get to see that extra dimension.

Above is information how to block in dragon ball fighterz.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to block in dragon ball fighterz .Thank you for reading our post.

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