How old is trevor in GTA 5? All you need to know

How old is trevor in gta 5? GTA 5 is a game with three main protagonists. Each character is crazier than the other, all hailing from different backgrounds.

GTA 5 features these three characters doing several missions together, which tells a story of what kind of people they are.

Trevor is the craziest of the lot and shows a lot of insane character traits throughout the story mode in GTA 5.

How old is Trevor in GTA 5? All you need to know

Trevor Phillips was born in the Canadian border region of America on November 14, 1967, which makes him 46 years old in 2013 (The year GTA 5 is based in).

Since his childhood, Trevor has dealt with a lot of trauma. He was always moving around with his mother. Trevor had an abusive dad who used to get violent with his mother and him.

Trevor grew up in five states across two countries. He has changed 14 homes, three care homes and has been to two correctional facilities. He had a complicated relationship with his mother, as she was always emotionally abusive and was condescending towards Trevor.

Trevor was abandoned by his father at a shopping mall, which he later burned down in retaliation. He had a brother named Ryan who died in an accident prior to 2013.

Trevor didn’t receive any proper form of education as a child because he dropped out of school.

Trevor had a talent for flying jets and he enlisted himself in the airforce to fly fighter jets, but was deemed mentally unstable just days before completing his training, by the “witch” in charge of psychological evaluation

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Trevor is known to be a criminal for most of his life as well as a crazy rage maniac who does things in his own way. He started by doing petty crimes with no direction in his mind. He met Michael Townley in 1993 and that was the beginning of his career as a proper criminal.

The start of GTA 5 shows the mission that went wrong for Trevor, Michael and their friend Brad. Trevor was made to believe that Michael was dead while Brad was in prison.

When he learned that Michael was not dead, Trevor felt betrayed but happy at the same time that his long lost buddy was still alive and they had a chance to get back to being the band of thieves together.

The truth was that Brad had gotten shot and didn’t survive the damage and Michael had faked his death to leave the life of crime behind to live an honest life. But everything changed when Trevor found out the truth about Michael and Brad, leaving him furious.

Towards the end of GTA 5, Franklin is told to kill Trevor or Michael. Trevor’s fate depends on the choice the player makes.

how old is trevor in gta 5

Funniest GTA Characters In The Franchise

While it has been a decade now since the last new game in the Grand Theft Auto series was released, it is fascinating to take a look back at the various main characters in the games over the years as they have swung and changed so violently over time.

Grand Theft Auto

The first Grand Theft Auto game allowed players their choice of eight different characters. Their names were Bubba, Divine, Katie, Kivlov, Mikki, Travis, Troy, and Ulrika.

The player actually gets to choose the name of their character after selecting them and the story doesn’t revolve at all around the character, making the choice a purely cosmetic one.

As this is the case, nothing is really known about the ages or history of the characters. Various homages were paid by the character designs, Divine was based on Blaxploitation heroines like Pam Grier and Travis was an homage to Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

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Grand Theft Auto 2

In the second game, there was still a severe lack of story or backstory for the character, but partly through a short promotional film that was created to advertise the release of the game, players learn that the character is called Claude Speed and has just been released from prison.

Due to the futuristic events and confusing timeline of Grand Theft Auto 2, it can be difficult to decide on the age for Claude, but his suspected age is around 28. The game describes the player character as a mongrel that nobody trusts.

Grand Theft Auto 3

Considered one of the most influential games of all time, Grand Theft Auto 3 again focused on a silent protagonist named Claude. This time Claude is betrayed and shot by his girlfriend Catalina during a heist.

After escaping during a prison transfer, Claude becomes friends with another convict, 8-Ball, and manages to join up with the local Mafia and later the Yakuza in Liberty City.

Claude is supposed to be around 31 during the events of Grand Theft Auto 3, while Catalina is around 32. Many major actors were a part of bringing these characters to life in the first game in the series to really focus on storytelling.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Featuring a huge story and another massive set of actors like Ray Liotta, Tom Sizemore, William Fichtner, Burt Reynolds and Luiz Guzman, Vice City was an epic turning point for video games.

The leading character is Tommy Vercetti, a mobster who is released from prison at the beginning of the game and goes on an adventure to try and take over the criminal underworld of Vice City.

how old is trevor in gta 5

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Some of the things that almost all the GTA games share are acclaim, controversy over the level of violence and the way they depict many aspects of criminal life, and a place in the history of gaming.

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But San Andreas was on another level for the open world and storytelling it managed to accomplish, helping it become the highest-selling PS2 game ever.

San Andreas focuses on Carl “CJ” Johnson, who returns to Liberty City following his mother’s death after leaving the gang life behind years prior. He is 24 during the events of the game, while his brother Sweet is 27.

Grand Theft Auto IV

More resembling the modern style that GTA V players are used to, Grand Theft Auto IV was set in 2008 Liberty City and centered on Eastern European immigrant Niko Bellic, who arrives in Liberty City looking to escape his past and start a new life.

The intriguing story and different character styles were parts of what made GTA IV a great entry in the franchise while managing to keep things fresh after the consistent style of the previous three games.

Niko is 30 by the time he arrives in Liberty City, while other characters significant to the game like Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez are respectively 34 and 25.

Grand Theft Auto V

The most recent entry in the franchise recently turned a decade old, and despite there not being more entries since, GTA V was such a significant game that it is still being played by millions worldwide.

Featuring several protagonists for the first time in one of the franchise’s games, GTA V changed the style while keeping many of the aspects of what made the games great.

Michael De Santa, also known as Michael Townsley, is 48 during the primary events of the game. His insane associate Trevor Phillips, who is a constant source of amusement throughout the game, is 49, and the pivotal young protagonist of the game Franklin Clinton is 25.

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