How old is michael in GTA 5? Age, relationships, and more details

How old is michael in gta 5? Michael De Santa is arguably one of the best protagonists in the entire GTA series. The moment Michael is introduced in GTA 5, players will not only know how important he is to the whole story of the game but also how strangely relatable he can be at times.

Michael is portrayed as a morally gray character in the game, who still has many redeeming qualities that GTA 5 players can identify with, making him highly memorable.

Even though GTA 5 presents players with two more protagonists that they can control, Michael always feels like the game’s main character.

Without Michael destroying Martin Madrazo’s house, the story of GTA 5 would not even happen, so it is safe to say he is a pretty important character in the game.

There are many things about Michael that is still a mystery to many players. To fix that, this article will provide players with all the vital information they need to know about him.

Have you ever found yourself immersed in the action-packed world of Grand Theft Auto V, only to be suddenly struck by a burning question: how old is Michael in GTA 5?

Well, you’re not alone, and we’ve got the answers you crave! Let’s dive into Michael De Santa’s story and uncover the truth about his age.

how old is michael in gta 5

Everything players need to know about Michael De Santa in GTA 5

How old is Michael De Santa?

Michael’s exact date of birth is unknown, and the only thing revealed is that Michael was born in either 1965 or 1968. This would make Michael 45 or 48 years old during the events of GTA 5.

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He was also mentioned in The Contract DLC, which was released in 2021 for GTA Online, so if he is still alive and kicking in Los Santos, he will be 56 or 53 years old.

Michael De Santa in GTA 5

In GTA 5, Michael is a former bank robber and career criminal who faked his own death to retire to Los Santos and enjoy a quiet life with his family. However, his toxic relationship with them causes him to be drawn back into his criminal life, compelling him to revert to his former habits.

Michael’s narrative is around how his seemingly beautiful and halcyon lifestyle is shattered when his prior traumas and ethically compromising mistakes resurface.

Furthermore, his midlife crisis drives him to the breaking point, and he becomes driven to do more with his life while simultaneously seeking to leave his past, become a free man, and begin a new life with his family.

Michael is an old friend of Trevor’s, and he befriends Franklin and serves as a mentor to him early in the story. He is the father of Jimmy and Tracey and the husband of Amanda.

After the story of GTA 5

During one of The Contract DLC missions, Franklin Clinton mentions Michael. This means that by 2021, Michael De Santa is still alive and working as an assistant producer for Solomon Richards at Richards Majestic Studios, according to The Contract update for Grand Theft Auto Online.

Personality of Michael in GTA 5

Michael is a confused individual who is even perplexed by his own “good and evil” identities. He spends an unusual amount of time in his thoughts, where he can easily contemplate or reminisce about certain things or parts from his glory days which bring him a momentary sense of nostalgia.

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Nonetheless, it confines him to a realm of wistfulness and bafflement as he ponders why things aren’t going the way he intended.

Michael has a deep-seated sense of self-hatred due to his desire to live a lie rather than admit that his problematic blunders have brought a tremendous lot of tragedy onto himself, his family, and old acquaintances.

He is a selfish and arrogant individual and will only be concerned with the troubles he’s dealing with rather than the situations he puts his family or friends through. Michael will frequently become very defensive when someone correctly criticizes him.

Despite his many flaws, Michael has a positive aspect of his personality. He is a kind person since he compensated Franklin for doing what he was compelled to do and driving through the front of his boss’s shop, even though he had broken into Michael’s mansion. Michael loves his family very much and tries to stay connected with his kids and wife even after getting enraged by them.

how old is michael in gta 5


Franklin Clinton – Michael sees Franklin as a true friend and a son he always wanted. On the other hand, Franklin also admires Michael and is glad for the improvements in his life, as well as being devoted to him. But, He is also aware of Michael’s personality and will occasionally confront him about it.

Trevor Philips – Trevor and Michael became friends in 1993, twenty years before the game’s events. Their stated friendship was OK until Michael met his future wife, Amanda, which strained their relationship because Trevor and Amanda didn’t get along.

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And it gets even worse after the death of their mutual friend Brad during a heist and Michael faking his own death without telling Trevor anything about it. But throughout the game’s story, they do forgive each other, and their relationship gets better.

Lester Crest – Lester encounters Michael for the first time at an unknown point in time, and he appears to be the mastermind behind Michael’s thefts many years ago.

Michael admitted that he wasn’t much of a friend to Lester, and when the two run into each other throughout the game’s events, Michael chooses to make amends. When he can’t protect himself against much stronger individuals like Trevor, he frequently stands up for Lester.

Michael’s family – Michael had a closer relationship with his loved ones in North Yankton, and they could get along better. Michael’s fixation with achieving the Vinewood Dream, along with his despair about having to give up his illegal lifestyle, caused him to ignore and alienate his family, while he himself became arrogant, greedy, and pompous after migrating to Los Santos. Nevertheless, he does improve his relationship with them as GTA 5’s story progresses.

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