How old is Broly in Dragon ball super ? Dragon Ball Super: Wait, Is Broly Middle-Aged?

How old is broly in dragon ball super ? One of the best-selling anime franchises of all time is undoubtedly Dragon Ball. The proof lies in its enormous fanbase, endless content, and countless anime episodes and movies. The characters in Dragon Ball are truly unforgettable, with each one growing and changing throughout their many adventures over the years.

The 2015-2018 series Dragon Ball Super included many of the same characters everyone knows and loves, including Goku, Vegeta, and their wives and children. Anyone who wants to learn more about these hilarious, exciting, and powerful people should start with the basics; learning about their age, heights, and birthdays. Here’s how you can get to know the main Dragon Ball Super characters even better.

Dragon Ball Super: Wait, Is Broly Middle-Aged ? 

Dragon Ball Super was the canonical introduction of the fan-favorite Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, years after his original appearances in non-canonical movies and video games during the Dragon Ball Z era.

And while the latest iteration of Broly is easily the most powerful the Super Saiyan has ever been, he also hides a rather startling secret: Despite being more formidable than ever, this Legendary Super Saiyan is actually well into his 40s, despite his relatively youthful depiction in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

The movie reveals that Broly was born within days of Prince Vegeta — approximately five years before Goku and the destruction of the Saiyan homeworld. This puts Broly at the same age as Vegeta, growing up with his father Paragus on a harsh, remote planet after Planet Vegeta’s fall at the hands of Frieza.

With Vegeta about five years old when his home planet was destroyed, this makes Broly around 28 years old at the start of DBZ. With Super taking place within the ten-year time jump between the final battle against Kid Buu and an epilogue centered on the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament, Vegeta and Broly are around 39 at the start of Super and well into their 40s by the time of the Broly animated movie.

The original, non-canon Broly’s origin was tied directly to Goku rather than Vegeta, with the two lower class Saiyan infants born on the exact same day. Goku’s innate fighting spirit led to incessant crying, upsetting Broly and deeply traumatizing him, which carried over to the pair’s reunion as rival adults.

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In contrast to being introduced shortly after the events of the main Dragon Ball Super anime series, the non-canonical Broly was introduced in the ten days leading up to the Cell Games. This makes the original Broly around 27 years old when he meets the Z Fighters and 34 years old at the time of his death in the animated movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly – Second Coming.

While both Vegeta and Broly are middle-aged in the Dragon Ball Super movie, they both clearly haven’t missed a step. This is because Saiyans age at a much slower rate than humans as an inherited genetic trait befitting their status as a warrior race. By the end of DBZ, years after the events of Super as Vegeta approached 50, the Saiyan Prince was physically unchanged since his fight against Kid Buu a decade before at the age of 39.

This genetic trait ensures that Saiyans stay in their physical prime longer to be able to fight at their best for decades, not showing visible age until they’re closer to their 70s.

The canonical Broly appears younger than Goku and Vegeta, coming across as a teenager or young adult, rather than someone well into their physical prime, much less as someone in their 40s.

Thanks to his pure-blooded Saiyan genetics, Broly won’t be showing his true age anytime soon as he continues to grow stronger with every successive fight. The movie certainly leaves the door open for Broly’s return, potentially in a time period after the end of DBZ as the series charts a new future. That said, given how youthful Goku and Vegeta look at the end of the original series thanks to that Saiyan fountain of youth, Broly will likely be just as fresh-faced as ever when he inevitably resurfaces.

how old is broly in dragon ball super


How old is Broly in the last Dragon Ball Super movie? This is a question many fans have been asking over and over, we may have an answer for you if you stick around.

Since Broly was reintroduced, a lot of questions have been raised about him like what’s his age and whatnot.

Because everything we know about the old Broly got thrown out the window since Dragon Ball Super Broly turned Canon.

Everyone was excited to know that there was a new Dragon Ball Super Broly movie coming out right after Dragon Ball Super ended.

It was like icing on a cake for us Dragon Ball fans. However, there were a lot of backlashes about the return of Broly.

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Fans wanted a new character in the movie because they already know about Broly and Goku’s long-lasting beef in other movies.

To be honest I was very unhappy at first when I found out that Broly was coming back again.

However, after seeing a couple of movie trailers it got me fired up and excited to see the movie.

Until this day, Broly is the strongest Saiyan alive apart from Goku and Vegeta.

However, in this post, we not gonna talk about Broly’s straight, we are going to find out Broly’s age in the last Dragon Ball super movie.

How Old is Broly?

Broly was 52 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Super Movie. During Dragon Ball Z Cell Saga, he was 35 years old and was still on planet Vapma with his dad Paragus.

Broly was born in the dragon ball age of 732 on planet Vegeta. After King Vegeta found out that baby Broly would become stronger than his own son Vegeta he banishes baby Broly to a place called Planet Vampa.

Broly’s father Paragus went looking for him on the planet, however, Paragust and his colleague Beats got into difficulties and could not leave the planet.

This was because the spaceships Paragus and his colleague traveled in got damaged, so they were stuck there for a while.

Broly on Planet Vampa Dragon Ball Super Movie

So seven years later, Planet Vegeta got destroyed by Frieza, from here onwards time when by and baby Broly remains on planet Vampa.

Times got hard for kid Broly and he eventually learns to fight. One day he turned into a great ape because Kid Broly was too strong so his father Paragus cuts his tail off.

Sometimes Broly would lose control of himself, and his dad which is not a good man makes a collar that electrocutes Broly if he loses control.

That way Paragus can calm Broly down and control him. Broly basically became a prisoner of his father.

This was all happening while the story of Dragon Ball was going on. In Dragon Ball age 749 Dragon Ball starts and Broly at the time was 17 years old.

In Dragon Ball age 761, Dragon Ball Z starts, and in age 762 Vegeta and Nappa arrived on earth and got defeated.

The Z warriors went to Planet Namek in search of the Dragon Balls and Gokus turns into a Super Saiyan and defeats Frieza.

And by this time Broly is now 34 years old. Then, in dragon ball age 764, Future Trunks arrived and warned the Z fighters about the future and the Androids.

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However, all this time Broly was still on planet Vampa.

Broly’s age During The Cell Saga

In dragon ball age 767, Broly is now 35 years old and everybody on earth was busy fighting Perfect Cell.

Then, in dragon ball age 774, Majin Buu was released, and by now Broly is 42 years old.

Time keeps moving forward and in age dragon ball age 778 Beerus comes to earth and fights Super Saiyan God Goku.

And around this time, Broly is 46 Years old. Then, in dragon ball age 780 when the tournament of power took place, the tournament was won by universe 7’s Android 17.

Soon after that, Broly got rescued from the planet Vampa and he is sent to fight Goku and Vegeta on planet earth by Frieza.

They had a long epic battle, Goku and Vegeta fused and turned into Gogeta then eventually defeated Broly.

Broly was then sent back to the planet Vampa along with the Dragon Balls and around this time Broly is now 48 years old.

Then, if we fast forward to dragon ball age 784, and this was the end of Super and Dragon Ball Z.

Nonetheless, since Broly is most likely to be alive around this time at the end of Dragon Ball Z Super, he is 52 years old.

how old is broly in dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Broly Timeline Confusion

With this new Dragon Ball Broly movie, the timeline is very weird. If you note when the movie started, it said 41 years ago. And it also said that five years later planet Vegeta was destroyed.

Then went baby Goku was sent to earth in his pod, they showed us the age passing by really fast.

Then, the ages suddenly stopped around 775. It faded away and said the present time.

Nonetheless, the tournament of power as I stated above took place in dragon ball age 780 which is supposed to be before the movie.

However, if you subtract 780 – 41 you will get 739. But that was the year when Goku was sent to earth when the movie started.

When you do the math and subtract 775 – 41 you will get 734 which is the year of the bringing of the movie.

Now, five years later, it’s dragon ball age 739. So it seems like either they reckon the ages and now the timeline age is 775 which don’t make any sense.

Or they just messed up badly the dragon ball ages in the movie which is what I think happened.

However, if it was purposefully changed so that the present timeline would be age 775 Broly would be 43.

Above is information how old is broly in dragon ball super.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how old is broly in dragon ball super .Thank you for reading our post.

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