How old is anna from Frozen? How Old Each Disney Princess Is (Including Frozen’s Anna And Elsa)

How old is anna from frozen? Disney princesses, including Frozen’s Elsa and Anna, get involved in all types of dangerous situations despite how old many of them actually are, and the ages of Disney princesses might surprise many audience members.

Many of the problems these princesses face are also very mature, relating to powerful magic and vengeful villains, and they often end up marrying a prince or ruling a country by the movie’s end. Most of the princesses in Disney’s most famous stories are actually rather young, still teenagers when their adventures take place.

Walt Disney Pictures made history in 1937 when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs debuted. Since then, the studio has produced over 100 animated films, but it continues to be best known for its stories starring female characters who are either born as, or later become, princesses.

The criteria for becoming an official Disney princess have changed over time, but what they all have in common (besides being either born or married into royalty) is an animal sidekick and a coming-of-age story.

How Old Are Elsa & Anna In Frozen?

Characters like Mulan and Moana are part of the official Disney princess lineup, despite technically not being princesses, but Frozen’s Elsa and Anna are not.

Although they were born royal, have songs of their own, and were both queens at one point, Elsa and Anna aren’t considered part of the Disney princess franchise as Frozen is its own Disney franchise instead.

How old are Elsa and Anna in Frozen? In the first Frozen movie, Elsa’s age was 21, while Anna was 18. Considering Frozen revolved around Elsa’s coronation, it’s refreshing to see that Arendelle waited until she was a more appropriate age to receive the queen title.

Frozen II occurred after a 3-year time jump, with Elsa now 24 and Anna 21. The Frozen movies seem to be one of the few animated Disney franchises to consider 21 an ideal age to rule.

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Perhaps part of the reasoning behind keeping the Frozen franchise separate from that of the Disney princesses is because of this age difference since Elsa and Anna are considerably older than the average princess.

how old is anna from frozen

Snow White’s Age In Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

The first Disney princess, Snow White was only 14 years old when she had to face off against the Evil Queen. She wasn’t even old enough to be put in the position of ruling a country, but the Wicked Queen was determined to end her life because she was jealous of Snow White’s beauty.

Snow White spent an undetermined amount of time living in the woods, hiding from her stepmother, and then ended up married to the person who helped to save her life.

It’s a very turbulent time for a young teenager, and certainly a darker story for a child than the audience might have really considered.

There have been many live-action adaptations of this story, two of which came out in 2012. Mirror Mirror, a family-friendly musical interpretation, starred Lily Collins, who was 23 years old at the movie’s release.

The much more mature movie adaptation, Snow White and the Huntsman starred Kristen Stewart, who was 22 years old at the time. Both of these actresses were aged up quite a bit to tell the rather dark story, a trend which will be continuing with Disney’s latest Snow White remake, set to come out in 2024. Its star, Rachel Zegler, will be over 21 by the time it comes out.

Cinderella’s Age In Cinderella

The second Disney princess in Disney’s animated movies, Cinderella was a few years older than Snow White. She’s technically an adult, but living as an employee of her stepmother more than as a member of the family.

Cinderella was 19 years old in her original movie, in between the ages of her two cruel stepsisters, both of whom were fixated on finding a husband.

Because Cinderella’s movie was set in the 1800s, it does make sense that her stepsisters would be obsessed with finding a husband at their ages. They were at the age to start their own household, despite it being Cinderella who did most of the work to maintain their lifestyle

The story of Cinderella has had quite possibly the most remakes out of any princess, but Disney’s 2015 adaptation followed the original story the closest.

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The movie starred Lily James in the title role, who was 26 years old when the film first came out. In that live-action remake, however, Cinderella’s age wasn’t made a major part of the story, just as it isn’t in the animated version.

Aurora’s Age In Sleeping Beauty

Aurora was 16 years old in Sleeping Beauty, and far too young to be cursed to sleep forever. Like many of Grimm’s original fairy tales, which inspired the Disney versions, Aurora’s story was originally much darker, especially when considering her age.

Aurora spent most of her life as a Disney princess sheltered from anyone and anything that could harm her. Her family even sent her to live with fairies in the woods to prevent her from pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.

She was still relatively young when Maleficent’s curse came to fruition and her family’s entire kingdom was put under the influence of a sleeping curse.

Maleficent, which retold her story from the villain’s point of view, actually cast an actress of the same age to play Aurora: Elle Fanning was 16 the year Maleficent premiered.

Though the live-action movie took a different route for the story of Sleeping Beauty, it did capture the innocence of Aurora in a way that was comparable to the animated movie.

Ariel’s Age In The Little Mermaid

When The Little Mermaid debuted in 1989, Ariel was the Disney princess meant to embody curiosity. Ariel’s age isn’t the first thing people remember about the character; instead, they remember how her naive view of the world and her desire to follow her dreams were nearly shattered by Ursula the Sea Witch.

The Disney princess Ariel was 16 years old when she left her father’s kingdom to meet her true love in the human world. That was a huge step for a teenager and one that would have her viewed as a teenage runaway in modern society.

The 2023 The Little Mermaid remake stars Halle Bailey, who was 23 years old at the movie’s release, and makes Ariel 18 instead. While the live-action movie gave Ariel more agency and her desire to get to the surface was fueled by her curiosity about the human world, not just her falling for a prince, much of the story remained the same of a young woman tricked into giving up her voice to fuel someone else’s revenge plot. Ariel, in both stories, was a dreamer who just wanted to be free to explore her dreams, and that’s something any 16-year-old can identify with,

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how old is anna from frozen

Belle’s Age In Beauty and the Beast

Disney princess Belle had elements of both Ariel and Cinderella’s personality, and coincidentally, her age fell in between the two as well. She was a dreamer and just as curious as Ariel, and willing to give people the benefit of the doubt that others didn’t trust.

Like Cinderella, she felt the pressure of caring for the rest of her family, though in her case, it was her absent-minded father.

Belle was 17 years old in Beauty of the Beast. Her age is mostly fitting for her character since she had a balance of teen aspiration and adult responsibility, hinting at her coming-of-age story.

Belle being 17, however, might get the audience wondering about how big of an age gap there was between her and her prince since he was cursed years before they met, The lead actress in Disney’s live-action remake, Emma Watson, was 10 years older at the time, at 27.

Jasmine’s Age In Aladdin

Jasmine was only 15 years old when royal suitors fought for her hand in Aladdin. Knowing Jasmine’s age puts a decidedly unsavory spin on her storyline in the original animated movie. At least the Disney princesses that came before her were falling in love on their own, not being pushed into relationships by her father.

It also makes the scene in which Jasmine flirts with Jafar in order to distract him from Aladdin all the more distasteful. Jafar was the advisor to her father, and comparable in age, making his interest in Jasmine decidedly creepy.

Disney’s 2019 live-action remake rightly decided that Jasmine’s actress should not remain that young and cast Naomi Scott, who was 26 years old at the time of release. Of course, the live-action remake also gave Jasmine even more say in her future, allowing her to become the leader of her people instead of her future husband, changing her story for the better in more ways than one.

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