How much is Lego Worth ? The 10 Most Expensive Lego Sets (& How Much They’re Worth)

How much is lego worth ? Many fans might not know that Lego began in the workshop of a small-time Danish carpenter. It’s omnipresent in the world of pop culture and attracts a wide demographic of audience. Unsurprisingly, many brands have used Lego as a way to market themselves with some of their Lego sets being worth a fortune. From Classroom Sets to Spider-Man, some Lego sets are currently valued at thousands of dollars. Surprisingly, a couple of these sets were made as recently as 2016.

This is a definitive list of the most expensive Lego sets available in the market, based on The Toy Zone’s study. The original price of the Lego sets at the time has also been included to give a sense of perspective.

10. Big Rig Truck Stop – Current value: $3700

A vintage Lego set by all regards, the Big Rig Truck Stop was originally released in 1987. At the time, it was sold for $52.75 but its current cost is a whopping $3700. This humongous brick set contains three big rigs and unlike Star Wars has not been recurrently re-released. The set also consists of tiny repair shops for a complete experience. The 1987 Big Rig Truck Stop is one of the rarest sets available in the market due to its limited production. A dream for any Lego enthusiast.

9. Airport Shuttle – Current value: $3988.98

This iconic Lego set hit the market in 1990 and has been a favourite of collectors ever since. Although immovable, the set has several minifigs and a huge track to keep people busy for a long time. Lego has released a vast number of police station and gas station sets but only one monorail. This, coupled with the Big Rig Truck Stop make for some stellar additions to a Lego City. The set originally retailed for $139.99 back in 1990.

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how much is lego worth

8. Spider-Man Combined Set – Current value: $3996.93

Released in 2004, the Spider-Man Combined Set is a difficult find and it takes extensive scouring of the internet to find one. It is one of the bigger sets in the Lego Spider-Man series and contains a plethora of options to build and customize the web slinger’s universe.

It contains other sets such as Spider Man’s Train Rescue, Doc Ock’s Hideout and Doc Ock’s Fusion Lab. The set contains a total of 1022 pieces which makes completing it extremely satisfying.

7. Minifig Pack – Current value: $4237.48

This beautiful Minifig Pack was released in 1983 and sold at a minuscule price of $4.49 at the time. Its rarity has caused its price skyrocket in the past few years. The set consists of four Minifigures along with basic additions such as tools, jetpacks and helmets. The Minifigures are all identical coated with a different colour. They are in the classic Lego shape and serve as useful additions to bigger sets. If that doesn’t sound convincing enough, there is a space gun included too.

6. Town Plan – Current value: $4546.77

The Town Plan was a 755 piece set sold widely across the UK and Ireland in 1962. It originally cost $12.50 but has now become one of the most expensive sets available(albeit difficult to find) in the market. It was one of the best selling sets in the Lego inventory and has a strong nostalgia factor for older Lego enthusiasts. Many people at the time won this via a Kellogs competition.

5. Castle – Current value: $4605.83

The Castle Lego set was released during a very turbulent time in history, in 1981. It served as a means of escape for people surrounded by uncertainty and despair. The set contains 767 parts as well as 14 Minifigures. It is one of the three Castle themed sets produced during the year and its original cost was $48. The Castle serves as a valuable addition to medieval Lego City complete with Knight figurines.

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4. WeDo 2.0 ReadyGo Classroom Packs – Current value: $4614.41

The education-themed set was released very recently, in 2016 but has seen tremendous growth in value. It comes in set packs of 8, 12, 16 and 24 but very few units of the set were produced. Despite its recent release, the WeDo 2.0 ReadyGo Classroom Packs is one of the rarest Lego sets available today.

3. Mr Gold – Current value: $4680

Mr Gold, the charming little Minifigure was distributed randomly among the Series 10 packs. Its exorbitant value is mainly due to the fact that only 5000 units were produced. Mr Gold is one of the most premium Minifigures in the Lego lineup and comes with a gold chromed exterior. The Minifigures series has 16 units and most collectors have been able to collect all but this one.

2. Castle – Current value: $6321.26

The 1978 Castle Brickset is the oldest Lego set based on the Castle theme, Just like its successor, this set contains 767 parts and 14 Minifigures. The attention to detail in the Castle Set is impressive, with the knights having adjustable visors.

The Walking Bridge coupled with swords and shields complete the medieval look. The set originally sold at a retail price of $49.99.

1. Command Centre – Current value: $10,141

The Command Centre Set released in 1979 is one Lego set which perfectly stands the test of time. It is also the most expensive Lego set available in the market. The complete set consists of 173 parts and 4 Minifigures. The camera buggy adds massively to the cool quotient of this classic Lego set. Collectors usually combine it with the 918 or 924 sets to make the most of this set. The set was sold at $24.99 in 1979 and is the rarest Lego set, a collector’s dream.

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How Much Money Is Ten Pounds of Legos Worth?

10 Pounds of Lego prices will vary on auction sites and specialty stores. You will likely pay $70 to $100 for ten pounds of Legos, depending on the mixture.

For instance, Lego lots with popular pieces from Star Wars, Marvel, or DC Comics sets will go for more money per pound. If Legos are mixed with off-brand bricks, the price will be much lower.

When buying lots of Legos, it helps to see a picture of what is inside. You will likely never see a seller list all the pieces, but at least one picture of the contents will give you an idea of what to expect from the lot.

how much is lego worth

How Many Pieces Are in a Ten-Pound Lot of Legos?

If you are a Lego enthusiast, you know you can never have too many bricks. Have you ever wondered how many pieces are in ten pounds of Legos? The answer to this question may surprise you.

There are approximately 4,000 pieces in a ten-pound lot of Lego bricks. You may wonder why someone would want to know this information.

If you have ever purchased Lego sets, you know they are pricey. Some sets sell for over $100. You might consider buying lots of loose Legos to add to your Lego collection. You can find these for sale on online specialty shops and auction sites.

Buying a ten-pound lot of Legos is like going on a treasure hunt. You never know what pieces you might find. Some people have found rare and valuable pieces, including mini figures.

Kids and adults love opening a giant box of ten pounds of plastic Legos. If you are an adult who loved playing with them as a kid, the nostalgia might bring a bit of a tear to your eyes.

Above is information how much is lego worth.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how much is lego worth .Thank you for reading our post.

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