How many Pieces is the Lego Millennium Falcon ? Every LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set Ever Released

How many pieces is the lego millennium falcon ? It’s 7,541 pieces. That’s the number of Lego bricks in the newly updated Ultimate Collectors Series Millennium Falcon set that Lego announced today (via io9). It’s the single largest Lego set ever sold (by a considerable margin), and with a whooping $800 price tag, it’s also the single most expensive Lego set the company has ever sold.

And let me tell you, it looks glorious. Lego has put a ton of work into making this a super detailed version of the actual ship from the films — to the point that it includes swappable deflector dishes to match either the original trilogy or the more recent Force Awakens variants of the ship, along with accurate interior sections. It’s the sort of thing Lego has become known for on its Ultimate Collector Series sets, which tend to go above and beyond the usual playsets when it comes to accuracy.

The set also comes with 10 minifigures (Han, C-3P0, Leia, Chewbacca, BB-8, Old Han, Finn, Rey, and two porgs) allowing you to crew your giant Lego ship with the characters from the original trilogy and the latest saga films. As an added bonus, the heads on the original Han and Leia figures spin around to offer a variant look with air respirators, for re-creating scenes like the mynock attack in Empire Strikes Back. (A Lego mynock is also included.) Like the deflector dish, it’s another nice detail for how the set aims to satisfy fans of both eras of the films.

The set is actually an updated version of the original deluxe Falcon set that Lego released back in 2007, which contained a paltry 5,195 pieces and cost a mere $500. While that set (like all of the Ultimate Collectors Series models) was eventually discontinued, it remains one of the most sought-after sets by fans; prices for the original model tend to cost in the $2,000 to $3,000 range. Fans have also taken on the mantle of trying to best Lego’s own official sets since then, with creations like this 10,000-piece replica that adds an extra level of accuracy.

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The Falcon isn’t the only collector’s set Lego announced today, either. If you have a more modest budget (or just prefer adorable droids), there’s also a 1,106-piece Lego BB-8 model coming out on September 1st for $99.99.

The Millennium Falcon set will go on sale on October 1st for $799.99.

how many pieces is the lego millennium falcon

Every LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon Set Ever Released

The LEGO Group was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. Originally producing wooden toys, the company advanced markedly and later began producing interlocking plastic bricks. By virtue of the company’s ingenuity and imagination, they continuously developed, consistently reaching new highs. This evolution aided in the introduction of third-party intellectual property partnerships.

One of the most prominent and valuable partnerships LEGO has established is with Star Wars. The pairing is beneficial for both intellectual properties, with the ever-expanding Star Wars universe complimenting LEGO’s creative ideas and brick configurations.

When people think of Star Wars, it is likely that the millennium falcon will also come to mind. It is one of the most infamous spacecrafts within the universe, and has had arguably the largest contribution to, or at least involvement in, the various battles over the preceding 45 years on-screen. It first appeared in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, which was released in 1977. The ship was piloted by Han Solo, a smuggler – accompanied by his trusty Wookiee companion, Chewbacca.

We learn a little more about the early years of the millennium falcon through the Han Solo origin film, Solo: A Star Wars Story. The ship was previously owned by Lando Calrissian, who lost it to Han Solo in payment of a gambling debt. Lando added a number of modifications to the spacecraft during his period of ownership. The main attraction of the ship, however, was its hyperdrive engine, which was renowned for being one of the fastest in the galaxy.

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The following list will provide a brief overview of each set released, together with relevant details such as the recommended retail price, shelf life, piece count and number of minifigures. This historical data can be useful when comparing it with future releases.

LEGO Millennium Falcon 7190

Millennium Falcon 7190, the first to be released in the collection, comprises 663 pieces and 6 minifigures, to include C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo (exclusive), Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia (exclusive) and Astromech Droid R2-D2. The minifigures have a rather rudimentary printing design and yellow skin tones, although this is in line with the time period. Disappointingly, this particular set has a notably inflated price per piece value of 15.1c, which is the highest in this collection. Considering the period of release, it is well detailed and outlines the key elements of the ship.

Released on 1st July 2000 and retiring on 28th February 2002, this set had a relatively short shelf life of 1 year 7 months.

LEGO Millennium Falcon 4488

Millennium Falcon 4488 contains 87 pieces and 0 minifigures. This set is part of the mini building set sub theme, which, as the title suggests, depicts models in miniscule form. The sets are akin to the microfighter theme which exists today. LEGO has done well to encapsulate the essence of the vessel in a minute form. Conversely to the previously released set, this has the lowest price per piece value in the collection, equalling 8.0c. Ideal for a younger audience, the set has a sturdy foundation and the small configuration allows for modest playability. It also has several nice printed pieces which are welcomed at this low price point.

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This set was released on 1st June 2003 and subsequently retired on 1st June 2004, giving it an immensely short shelf life of 12 months.

LEGO Millennium Falcon 4504

This set consists of a respectable 985 pieces and 5 minifigures, which include C-3PO, Chewbacca, Snowtrooper (exclusive), Han Solo (exclusive) and Princess Leia. This set introduces the transition from yellow skin tones to realistic flesh skin tones. This comprehensive build certainly set a high standard for future releases. The exterior has been well designed with a large cockpit, allowing for two minifigures. The interior is also well furnished and allows for fantastic playability. This set introduced stickers to the millennium falcon for the first time.

Millennium Falcon 4504 released on 1st June 2004 and retired on 31st December 2005, giving it a shelf life of approximately 1 year 7 months.

how many pieces is the lego millennium falcon

LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon 10179

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon 10179 comprises an impressive 5197 pieces and 5 minifigures, which include Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi (exclusive), Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. This set is part of the Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) sub theme, which was established in 2000 as a collection that produces distinctly larger sets. It allows designers the wider scope, freedom and opportunity to capture the attributes of the particular model on a greater scale.

The minifigures used were appropriate to the build, however, there is a lack of detail comparatively to the sets today. This is to be expected, however, due to the various advancements in technology and engineering. Aesthetically, this set looks phenomenal and possesses all the components of the ship from the source material. As this is designed principally for collectors and display purposes, its functionality is consequently extremely limited. This is highlighted by its weight which stands at a considerable 10 kilograms.

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