How many people play GTA 5? How Many People Play GTA V in 2023? (User & Growth Stats)

How many people play gta 5? GTA Online has remained a popular title thanks to the constant stream of updates the developers implement, but just how many people are loading into Los Santos? Here is GTA Online’s 2023 player count.

GTA Online grants Grand Theft Auto fans the opportunity to hop into an online multiplayer mode with fellow players and cause mayhem around Los Santos. The game features various activities, including heists, luxurious vehicles, and weekly updates that bring new prizes.

GTA Online 2023 player count

The only platform for which we can see accurate GTA Online player count stats is Steam where on average, over 90,000 players log in every day, with the peak hitting around 150,000. This means Steam sees roughly 2.5 million GTA Online players every month.

However, Steam only makes up a fraction of GTA Online’s player base. The game is also available on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and the Epic Games Store.

What is GTA Online’s peak player count?

According to Steam Charts, GTA Online’s peak per day over the last 30 days is 178,855 players as of August 2023. Throughout June and July 2023, GTA Online ended up reaching an average of over 100k players per day.

The game hit an all-time peak player count of 360,761 all the way back in April 2015 — when it first arrived on PC. The next highest peak player count was 267,000 in February 2020.

It’s safe to say that GTA Online absolutely isn’t ‘dead,’ with the game having a healthy player base across Steam and Epic Games, and the next-gen edition likely brought in hundreds of thousands more.

how many people play gta 5

How many people play GTA V?

The exact number of how many players have registered for Grand Theft Auto V was never made public. However, an article by Digitaltrends stated that the game has sold at least 160 million copies since its launch.

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In the last 30 days, the numbers look something like this. reports 18,540,886 monthly players on average. The game has even seen an increase in the number of players in the last couple of months as can be seen in the table below.

What’s the maximum number of players per day?

Data from the last 30 days shows an average of 1,297,862 playing GTA V daily. The table below shows the increase in that metric as well. The provided data are not surprising since GTA is one of the most lucrative game franchises in history.

GTA V player count by country

The Grand Theft Auto Series is a well-loved franchise all over the world, so its player base is pretty spread out. However, most of the players come from the United States.

Currently, the top 5 countries playing GTA V are the US with 11.06% of the players, Brazil with 8.38%, Russia with 5.85%, Germany with 5.25%, and Poland with 4.63%. The remaining percentage represents the other countries and territories in the game is being played.

GTA V player count by device

The last recorded player count for GTA V for a different type of device was done by Sportskeeda in 2020. According to them, 143 million people have played GTA V on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Meanwhile, 72.4 million are registered across the 2 Xbox platforms, the Xbox One and Xbox 360. However, Rockstar Games did not give these numbers, so the numbers may be overestimated.

How many players have left GTA V?

The number of GTA V players is not decreasing. On the contrary, during the last 30 days and over the course of the last 6 months in general, GTA V has been gaining popularity.

The table below shows the data accumulated over the last six months. A small percentage of players returned to the game, but it’s a measurable increase nonetheless.

How much did GTA V make?

As of 2021, Venture Beat reported that Rockstar Games has generated over $6 billion in revenue based on the sales of Grand Theft Auto V alone.

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This is after the game had sold 155 million copies. Now that the game has sold more, the 6$ billion-dollar revenue may have increased. Not to mention, this is only the revenue counted based on the copies of the game and not yet the online content the game has released where players can spend money for items and other additional content.

GTA V demographics

A website called Levvel compiled surveys regarding players’ ages in GTA V. The surveys were conducted on Reddit and GTA Forums. According to the poll, most of the players belong to the age group of 18 to 34.

Meanwhile, 29.34% of the players belong to the age group of 35 to 54. The least number of players are aged 13 to 17 years old.

There are also a couple of players who belong to the 55 and older group. But they only take up 2.69% of the community. When you consider that the game is rated M, it makes sense why the game is preferred by older groups of people. Rockstar Games has always intended the game to be meant for adults.

Meanwhile, no recent study has been made regarding the genders of the players. However, a report from NPR stated that despite the demeaning content the game has about women, the game still manages to attract female fans. The report indicated that 15% of the total number of players back in 2013 were female.

How is GTA doing on Twitch?

The game is not only popular to play but also to watch. As of writing, Twitch Tracker has reported this game to be the #3 most-watched game on Twitch.

The game hit its peak views on May 3, 2021, when 1,140,747 Twitch users watched several hours of GTA V content over at the streaming platform. Meanwhile, 7,044 channels streamed the game on April 16, 2021.

how many people play gta 5

GTA V reception

On its initial release, the video game received universal acclaim. According to its compiled reviews in Wikipedia, several of the publication reviewers have found it the most enjoyable game of its time.

The game even managed to score a perfect rating in a Japanese video game magazine called Famitsu. In addition, a lot of reviewers said the game has definitely been the best version of GTA they have played thus far.

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However, the narrative could have used some more work. Below are the scores of the game from different publications during its initial release.

On its re-release, the game still scored pretty high. Things like graphics and movements were all improved during this re-release. However, a couple of bugs, such as the game being slightly laggy and the camera angles being weird, were some of the downsides of this game. Nonetheless, the game still got exemptional scores across publications.

Some interesting facts about GTA V

The game has been included in the Guinness Book of World Records. The game had seven records and titles during its inclusion. The titles and records it earned were; 24-hour Action-Adventure Best Selling Game, Best Selling Game in 24 Hours, Highest Revenue Game in 24 Hours, Online Production with the Highest Revenue within 24 hours, and Best Selling Action-Adventure Game in the book.

The developers made sure the game had its own immersive traits; One thing the developers did to enhance the players’ experience was through the game’s music. Musicians were hired to create over 20 hours of musical tracks for the game, including individual tracks for the playable characters.

The voice actors were also super passionate about the project. Not only were the voice actors providing the voices of the characters, but they were also doing the motion capture work for the character’s voices. One particular Voice actor is well known for doing his best to get into character during recording.

The Voice Actor Steven Ogg who provides the voice and motion of Trevor tends to wear only his underwear during recording. He does this to get into Trevor’s personality due to the character often being only in his underwear.

Another fun fact is during a motion recording, Ogg fell face-first by accident. The recording was later used in the actual game.

Meanwhile, despite the reviewers saying that the script and plot seem to be lacking, the game’s script was actually over 3,500 pages long. Those pages contained over 160,000 lines of dialogue.

These were the mission lines, interactions with random pedestrians, and several other scenarios in the game. If you think this is normal, movie scripts are usually only 200 sheets in length.

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