How many Minecraft Lego sets are there ? The biggest Lego® Minecraft sets ever

How many minecraft lego sets are there ? Minecraft is a highly popular computer game that allows users to explore a wide virtual world and build their own structures using blocks, and Lego® is popular for its high-quality bricks that enable kids to make anything they can think of. So what happens when you combine these two most adored toy brands in the world? You create a whole new world of Lego Minecraft sets.

Since its initial release in 2014, Lego Minecraft sets have been popular with fans of both the Lego and Minecraft franchises. Lego has produced a variety of Lego Minecraft sets over the years, from little sets to big, complex ones. However, some Lego Minecraft sets stand out from the rest for their sheer size and complexity. In this guide, we’ll look at the biggest Lego Minecraft sets that have ever been made, looking at their features, designs, and what makes them so astounding. So, let’s dive in!

1. Lego® Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave

One of the most popular sets in the Lego® Minecraft theme is Lego Minecraft 21137 The Mountain Cave. The huge mountain with numerous levels, waterfall, minecart tracks, and a variety of other elements make this set a design marvel that appeals to fans of both Lego and Minecraft.

The size of this set is among its most amazing features. It the biggest Lego Minecraft sets so far, with more than 2,800 pieces. The mountain itself is an amazing centerpiece for any Lego or Minecraft collection, being over 18 inches tall and 22 inches wide. But it’s not just the size of the set that makes it so impressive. The set also features an operational minecart track, a waterfall, and a river that loops through the set. A number of Minecraft characters and creatures, such as a bat, a cow, and a sheep, are also included, giving life to the set.

The Lego Minecraft sets also comes with their own building instructions. Check our guide on Lego building instructions to know the complete details.

how many minecraft lego sets are there

2. Lego® Minecraft 21128 The Village

The Lego® Minecraft 21128 The Village set includes a large village with numerous structures, such as a blacksmith’s forge, a library, a butcher shop, and a market, all designed in the distinctive blocky style of Minecraft. The inclusion of various minifigures of some of the well-known Minecraft characters like Steve, and Alex, is also one of the set’s highlights. These characters are well-loved by Minecraft fans, and their inclusion in the set allows fans to recreate scenes from the game and add their own twists and stories.

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These minifigures can also be placed within the different parts of the set, like in the marketplace’s trading table. Fans can also build their own distinctive creations that are inspired by Minecraft and personalize and expand the village.

3. Lego® Minecraft 21188 The Llama Village

The Lego® Minecraft 21188 The Llama Village’s design is colorful and engaging, featuring a vibrant village with several unique and realistic features including a Minecraft map, a compass, a bookshelf, beds, and a secret door. All of which is just the same as in the Minecraft game.

The set features a charming village that is inhabited by llamas, which are a common sight in the Minecraft world. Aside from being one of the biggest Lego Minecraft sets, the Llama Village is also an entertaining set because of the level of customization it has. Fans can simply remove the legs and the top of the Llama’s back, revealing all of the Village’s wonderful features.

4. Lego® Minecraft 21136 The Ocean Monument

The Lego® Minecraft 21136 The Ocean Monument is a popular Lego set among children and adults for its impressive replication of the ocean monument from the popular video game Minecraft. The Ocean Monument has been meticulously designed, with many intricate features and textures that closely resemble the game. This attention to detail makes the set a joy to build and gives players a sense of accomplishment once they’ve finished it.

This set is part of the larger Lego Minecraft collection and includes 1,122 pieces. The set includes a variety of Minecraft characters, including Steve, Alex, and a guardian, as well as a treasure chest, a water slide, and a trapdoor. The set also includes a variety of aquatic creatures, such as a squid and a dolphin, to enhance the Minecraft experience.

5. Lego® Minecraft 21127 The Fortress

The Lego® Minecraft 21127 The Fortress is not just popular for being one of the largest Lego Minecraft sets available, but also because it is highly customizable. It can be combined with other Lego Minecraft sets to create a one-of-a-kind Minecraft world. Because players can experiment with different designs and configurations, this encourages creativity and imaginative play.

The set includes 984 pieces for building a detailed fortress. This project’s large size and intricate design provide a challenging and rewarding building experience, making it ideal for individuals or families to work on together. The Fortress set is also highly interactive, with a variety of features that encourage imaginative play, such as a lookout tower, a drawbridge, and a trapdoor.

6. Lego® Minecraft 21118 The Mine

The Lego® Minecraft 21118 The Mine accurately represents the Minecraft game, with a variety of interactive features that allow for immersive play, like a working minecart track and exploding TNT. These features bring the Minecraft world to life. The set is mainly popular because of its large size, which includes over 900 pieces that can be used to build a detailed and intricate model.

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Aside from Steve, a zombie, and a spider, the Mine set includes several Minecraft characters. This increases the set’s playability by allowing players to engage in imaginative role-play scenarios.

7. Lego® Minecraft 21174 The Modern Treehouse

The Lego® Minecraft 21174 The Modern Treehouse is one of the biggest Lego Minecraft sets, boasting a total of 909 pieces. The size and complexity of the set allow for plenty of room for creativity and customization, as well as a more detailed and immersive play experience once the treehouse is built.

Despite its size, the set is designed to be simple to assemble, with clear and detailed instructions included. This makes it suitable for Lego fans of all skill levels, though younger builders may still need the assistance of an adult or older sibling. The treehouse’s numerous rooms, levels, and features provide endless opportunities for imaginative play, while the included Minecraft characters and creatures add even more depth and excitement to the set.

The large size of Lego Minecraft 21174 The Modern Treehouse makes it an excellent value for money. The completed set also makes an eye-catching display piece that can be displayed on a shelf or desk. Check this guide to get some tips on store your Lego collection.

8. Lego® Minecraft 21155 The Creeper Mine

The Lego® Minecraft 21155 The Creeper™ Mine includes a detailed Creeper Mine with multiple levels, tracks, and a working minecart. One of the reasons this set is so popular is that the Creeper is one of the game’s most iconic creatures. This green, pixelated monster is known for sneaking up on players and exploding, making it a Minecraft fan favorite.

The set contains a large Creeper figure as well as several smaller Creeper figures that will delight game fans. It also includes Minecraft characters and creatures like Steve, Alex, Creeper, and various types of ores. The set’s popularity stems from its detailed and immersive design, which allows builders to recreate Minecraft’s world in a tangible, three-dimensional form.

9. Lego® Minecraft 21187 The Red Barn

The unique design of Lego® Minecraft 21187 The Red Barn is one of the reasons it is so popular. A detailed and intricately designed red barn, which is a common feature in many Minecraft player’s worlds, is included in the set. Although it may look like an ordinary red barn, the set opens up to reveal the inside which includes two stables, a box, diamond axe, and crafting table.

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The set features several realistic farm animals, including two cows, a goat, a horse, and a chicken. The set has over 700 pieces and doors that can be opened and closed to allow the animals to fit inside the stable, adding playability to the set. A ladder leading up to the second floor on the wall is also included, as is a secret base on the side of the barn that depicts the flowers growing.

Overall, the Lego Minecraft 21187 The Red Barn set is not just one of the biggest Lego Minecraft sets, but also one of the most popular ones because it combines Lego’s creativity with Minecraft’s adventure and exploration. Its attention to detail and one-of-a-kind design, as well as its farm animal and tool accessories, make it a fan favorite among Lego and Minecraft fans alike.

10. Lego® Minecraft 21134 The Waterfall Base

The Lego® Minecraft 21134 The Waterfall Base includes a large waterfall as well as a cave system that can be explored and customized to create various Minecraft-inspired scenarios. The set also includes a number of Minecraft characters, such as Steve, Alex, and a zombie, as well as a number of tools and weapons.

Steve is dressed in his usual blue shirt, but he has gray legs in this set, with a fishing pole as his accessory. While Alex is dressed in her usual light green shirt with a ponytail down the front, with a pair of scissors and a block of wool as her accessories. The set is also modular, so fans can rearrange the sections however they like. This makes it a fun and exciting set to play with and offers endless opportunities for creativity and customization.

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how many minecraft lego sets are there


The biggest Lego® Minecraft sets ever released provide an exciting and engaging building experience for both Lego and Minecraft fans. With their highly detailed and interactive designs, these sets not only provide a challenge for builders but also allow for imaginative play.

These sets also showcase Lego and Minecraft’s continued innovation and creativity, as well as a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of what can be accomplished through the intersection of physical and virtual worlds. Overall, the biggest Lego® Minecraft sets ever released are a testament to both of these beloved brands’ enduring popularity and appeal, and are sure to provide hours of entertainment for fans of all ages.

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