How many minecraft lego sets are there? Awesome Minecraft Lego Sets

How many minecraft lego sets are there? Minecraft is a game made up of blocks, in which the player’s imagination is the only limit. However, before Minecraft, Legos were the blocks with which people played. Just like with Minecraft, creativity is the only thing that limits what a person can do with Lego.

Now, these two block-related brands have come together in the form of Minecraft Lego sets. Admittedly, these sets are not as big as other brands that received the Lego treatment as far as size or piece count, but Minecraft Lego sets still provide snapshots into the world of the block-building video game. With these sets being the size that they are, they may be a little more affordable than other Lego sets. Here are some of the best the collection has to offer.

The First Adventure

Both the name and motifs of this 542-piece set invite and invoke that sense of adventure Minecraft is known for. The three-level structure is a nice encapsulation of the game’s elements, featuring the iconic Steve and Alex character, a couple of skeletons, and a few animal friends.

The set also comes equipped with some neat movable pieces, including a waterfall elevator and sliding earth blocks, driving home the game’s appeal in thinking and interacting with objects. This deceptively detailed structure can be had via Amazon for $58.99.

The Creeper Mine

The pesky, ominous mob known as the Creeper is perhaps the most iconic symbol in Minecraft. So it makes sense that there would be a fan-favorite Lego set prominently featuring the blocky green guy. The highlight of the set is, of course, a statue of the explosive Creeper himself—though there are some other fun details sprinkled in.

Fittingly, the motifs of this Creeper mineshaft set stress both mining and destruction—taking the form of exploding minecarts, Minecraft TNT, and a traversable rail track. Users can head aboard the Creeper express and collect the stored gold in the statue’s head, pulling a lever that has it amusingly tumble down chutes into a chest. This one will cost a fair amount of real treasure, with a $122 asking price on Amazon.

how many minecraft lego sets are there

Skeleton Dungeon

A recent release as of this writing, this reworking of a 2014 set was announced at Lego Con 2022 to much intrigue and has fast become a standout amongst Minecraft Legos. This fun dungeon-themed set does a lot with a (relative) little, with 364 pieces that of course include a few weapon-wielding, helmet-wearing skeletons.

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This small, but packed setting brings a fun sense of atmosphere with its lush cave and dungeon elements, with a smattering of greenery. Users can collapse a little ceiling of blocks Indiana Jones style. One of the biggest highlights is the skeleton Spawner in the center. It holds an orange piece and tiny skelly that can be rotated to emulate the flame and spinning foes inside. Finally, the wall in the corner can be spun to reveal a spooky skeleton. This delightful dungeon can be bought on Lego’s website for$34.99.

The Fortress

This Minecraft stronghold is fittingly robust and elaborate, featuring a whopping 984 pieces. While there are few interactive, playable pieces, there are plenty of finer details scattered about which are fun to behold. These include a chest carrying weapons, an animal pen with a horse and sheep, and a small crafting table in one of the towers.

There is also the ability to fire off a couple of missiles on the side of the fortress, allowing users to stave off the plastic mob hordes. Those who like the building and architectural aspects of Legos should enjoy this modular set. The Fortress has closed its gates and is now retired, but can be bought on Amazon for the steep price of $409.99

The Bee Farm

Minecraft introduced bees in 2019’s Buzzy Bees update. Bees are mainly passive mobs but can become aggressive if provoked. In the Buzzy Bee update, the game added other bee-related things like beehives and honeycombs.

The Bee Farm Lego set includes all of that stuff, as well as a Beekeeper and villager minifigure. There is an interactive part of the set with a lever that makes the bees fly in circles when the lever is rotated. The adorable Bee Farm set costs $15.99 USD on Amazon.

The Blaze Bridge

Blazes are an aggressive mob found in the Nether, mainly at Nether fortresses. They are an essential part of the game, given that they drop blaze rods when killed. These items are then used to make brewing stands for potions.

The Blaze Bridge Minecraft Lego set displays the location at which Blazes are most commonly found and features unique minifigures such as the Blaze minifigure, which rotates in different directions similar to its in-game counterpart. The set also features an Alex and Wither skeleton minifigure. The Blaze Bridge set costs $24.00 USD on Amazon.

The Warped Forest

The Warped Forest is a biome found in the Nether Update in Minecraft and is recognizable by its bluish colors. This biome’s Lego set features a Huntress and Piglin minifigures, as well as a Hoglin.

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Similar to the biome in the video game, the Warped Forest set comes with blue warped fungus and shroomlight blocks that grow within the biome.

The set is also interactive with the ability to “explode” a warped fungus with the TNT block that also comes with the set. The Warped Forest set costs $29.99 USD on Amazon.

The Sky Tower

The Sky Tower Lego set includes phantoms, and flying mobs in Minecraft. The use of clear Lego pieces in this set gives the phantoms the effect of flying, giving it an animated element that makes it feel almost magical. While simple in a sense, this one is one of the best Minecraft Lego sets when it comes to inventiveness.

There are three parts to set: the actual Sky Tower itself, the house, and the small island platform. The Sky Tower set also features a pilot minifigure with Elytra wings and a cat. The pilot minifigure also wields a trident and wears a Netherite helmet. This set costs $48.99 USD on Amazon.

The Crafting Box 3.0

The Crafting Box 3.0 Lego set promotes a lot of creative freedom right on the box itself. The front and back of the box display four different ways that the suggested castle and farm build can be constructed, so users have a ton of options.

The Lego set features Steve and Alex minifigures, as well as Creeper, pig, and zombie mob minifigures. The Crafting Box 3.0 set costs $56.00 USD on Amazon.

The Crafting Box 2.0

The Crafting Box 2.0 Lego set may sound like an outdated version of The Crafting Box 3.0 set, but comparing the two seems to reveal that The Crafting Box 2.0 has a little more to offer than the 3.0.

For example, the 2.0 set offers a whopping 15 different, creative ways of building. It should be noted that the 15 various buildings are not exclusive for the set as a whole, but instead are different methods for the five parts into which the Lego set is separated, similar to the 3.0 set. Lego discontinued The Crafting Box 2.0 set, but those interested can purchase the set on Amazon for $159.00 USD.

The Ruined Portal

The Ruined Portal Lego set is a showcase of a ruined Nether portal from Minecraft’s Nether update. The set shows what both sides of a Nether portal look like: the Overworld and the Nether.

On the Overworld side of the set, there is a purple sheep and Steve minifigure wearing Netherite armor that can either wield a diamond pickaxe or a Netherite sword.

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The Nether side of the set features a Hoglin and Wither skeleton in a crimson forest biome. The Ruined Portal set costs $24.00 USD on Amazon.

The Modern Treehouse

The Modern Treehouse Lego set is a culmination of the creative and building imagination of Minecraft and Legos. While The Modern Treehouse does have a structure and instructions to build it, there is still the idea that the treehouse itself was built from a person’s mind either in the game or with the Legos. Therefore, it could look different in the hands of different builders.

The set is also separated into larger parts of the whole treehouse. The Modern Treehouse set features two animal-skinned minifigures, a zombie minifigure, and a charged Creeper minifigure. The Modern Treehouse Lego set costs $119.95 USD on Amazon.

how many minecraft lego sets are there

The Ocean Monument

2014’s Bountiful update introduced ocean monuments to Minecraft. These structures are made up of unique prismarine blocks. Mobs of guardians and elder guardians live in and around these ocean monuments.

The Ocean Monument Lego set features both a guardian and an elder guardian build. Just like the elder guardian in Minecraft fires a beam that can injure the player, the Lego elder guardian fires a beam when its tail is squeezed. The set also includes Steve and Alex minifigures. The Ocean Monument Lego set costs $367.94 USD on Amazon.

The Mine

The Mine Lego set features some interactive pieces that replicate game mechanics and features in Minecraft. For example, there is a button that, when pushed, shoots TNT and other blocks outward as if they exploded. Also, the minecarts slide down the rails as they do in the game.

Lego has discontinued The Mine Lego set, resulting in the high price point. Those interested in purchasing this Lego set can find it on Amazon for $439.98 USD.

The Mountain Cave

This is it—the towering behemoth amongst a vast lineup of Minecraft Lego sets. This monstrosity really has it all—iconic figures (including Steve, skeletons, and an ominous Enderman), a long minecart track, various props, and environmental elements, and plenty of moving pieces to tinker with. The elements are very intricate within and outside this structure—with ample nooks and crannies holding all sorts of cool bits from mushrooms to Spawners.

Of course, constructing the Mountain Cave is a marathon project in and of itself, but the reward is surely worth the time investment. Builders can truly enjoy the fruits of their Lego labor with this plastic mountain colony. Being highly detailed and now retired, this one will cost a pretty penny. It’s essentially reached ‘rare collectible’ status, with a whopping $2,331 asking price on Amazon.

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