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How many legolands are there ? Legoland is one of the most unique theme park companies in the world, as they are notorious for their lego-themed rides, and attractions perfect for families & kids. In this guide, we will cover all of the Legoland locations, and explain what each one has to offer.


Legoland has a total of 10 locations in the world, including three in the United States, three in Europe, and four in Asia.

Legoland is one of the most unique theme park companies in the world, as they are notorious for their lego-themed rides, and attractions perfect for families & kids.

In this guide, we will cover all of the Legoland locations, and explain what each one has to offer.


Legoland has a total of 10 locations in the world, including three in the United States, three in Europe, and four in Asia.

Opened in 1968, LEGOLAND Billund is the original theme park located in Billund, Denmark, making it the oldest LEGOLAND park.

It spans 45 acres and stands next to the original LEGO factory and near Billund airport.

It offers over 50 rides and attractions, including a LEGOLAND hotel, castle hotel, holiday village, and LEGO house.

Best Ride

Among its classic, themed rides, the Polar X-Plorer is the most popular ride at LEGOLAND Billund.

This rollercoaster will take riders on a journey through Polar Land and allow them to experience its unique five-meter free fall.

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Polar X-Plorer is only available at this LEGOLAND Location, making it a must-ride ride for visitors.

how many legolands are there


Opened in 1996, the 150-acre LEGOLAND has 12 themed areas, including LEGO Ninjago World, Land of the Vikings, and LEGO Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures.

Along with their impressive themed areas, visitors can also enjoy the various shops, restaurants, and unique shows that take place every day.

Similarly to other LEGOLAND locations, LEGOLAND Windsor also offers a unique hotel specifically for visitors, where visitors will spend the night in unique LEGO-themed rooms.

LEGOLAND Windsor is the second theme park to open from the franchise.

Best Rides

The Vikings’ River Splash is one of the most popular attractions in LEGOLAND Windsor.

This river ride features water sprays, cannons, and LEGO models, giving riders an immersive and fun experience.

Another great ride includes the UK’s first flying theatre, Flight of the Sky Lion.

Flight of the Sky Lion is a 5-minute ride where visitors will come face-to-face with some of LEGO MYTHICA’s scariest mythical creatures.


LEGOLAND California opened its doors in 1999 and has offered over 60 rides, shows, and attractions since then.

The area also includes the LEGOLAND water park, hotel, castle hotel, and the SEA LIFE Aquarium, the first to open in the US.

Best Ride – The Dragon

Riders will leave the station and immediately enter the dark castle to get a glimpse of what life is like and possibly see a massive dragon.

Once you’re done sightseeing, riders will exit the castle and head directly to the outdoor roller coaster portion of the ride, so buckle up!


Located in Bavaria between Munich and Stuttgart, Germany, LEGOLAND Deutschland offers 68 attractions and thousands of LEGO models totaling over 57 million LEGO bricks.

Also, you can find a holiday village in front of the theme park, the first-ever holiday village built among the LEGOLAND locations.

Best Ride

The Power Builder is a unique and unpredictable ride where a robot spins, swings, and moves you around.

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An underrated perk is that visitors adjust the robot’s movement up to five levels, giving them a unique perspective depending on which level they choose.


Spanning 150 acres and located near Orlando and Tampa, LEGOLAND Florida is the largest interactive LEGOLAND park worldwide.

It features over 50 rides, attractions, shows, a five-acre water park, and three themed hotels, and is conveniently only a few steps away from a recently opened Peppa Pig theme park.

Best Rides

Check out The LEGO Movie’s Master of Flight, a flying theater attraction.

Also, try Unikitty’s Disco Drop and experience being dropped, dipped, and swooped to the top of Cloud Cuckoo Land.


LEGOLAND Malaysia in Johor Bahru offers over 70 rides, attractions, and 15,000 LEGO models.

Spanning 76 acres, it’s the first LEGOLAND theme park in Asia, which opened in 2012. It’s also the first international theme park in the country.

Best Ride

LEGOLAND Malaysia launched the first LEGO-themed VR roller coaster that’s exploded in popularity, known as the Great Lego Race.

Riders will wear a VR headset and immediately find themselves in an awesome Lego environment, where they will see the action in every possible way, as it comes from 360 degrees.


Located within the Dubai Parks and Resorts and near Dubai Marina, LEGOLAND Dubai offers 60 interactive rides, shows, a water park, a themed hotel, and LEGO building experiences.

One of the coolest perks that LEGOLAND Dubai offers is allowing visitors to see an impressive LEGO model of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa along with the skyline.

Best Ride

LEGOLAND’s classic Lost Kingdom Adventure is an interactive dark ride, where visitors will be equipped with a blaster to shoot specific targets including mummies and skeletons, on their way to finding the hidden treasure.

It’s a family-friendly ride that you can also find in LEGOLAND California, Windsor, Billund, Florida, Deutschland, and Malaysia.

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Situated in Nagoya’s Minato Ward, LEGOLAND Japan opened its doors in 2017, making it the second LEGOLAND in Asia and the eighth worldwide.

Despite only spanning 23 acres it offers 40+ rides, indoor and outdoor attractions, eight themed lands, a hotel, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and 10,000 LEGO models.

Best Rides

LEGOLAND’s classic The Dragon Ride is a must-try rollercoaster in the Medieval World of Knight’s Kingdom.

Visitors also can’t go wrong with riding the Flying Ninjago, where they can experience spinning at 360 degrees at speeds of 50 kilometers per hour while hanging 22 meters off the ground.


Known as the newest LEGOLAND park having opened in 2021, LEGOLAND New York spans 150 acres and offers seven themed lands, a hotel, and seasonal events.

Best Ride

One of the park’s main attractions is the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride, where visitors are immediately shrunk to a miniature size to get a first-hand look at how the factory makes LEGO bricks.

Riders will be able to get a first-hand view at the manufacturing process of legos in an immersive ride that even spins riders throughout the factory.

how many legolands are there


LEGOLAND Korea opened in 2022 in Chuncheon, South Korea, spanning 70 acres.

It’s the only LEGOLAND park situated on an island and the first global theme park in the country.

It offers more than 40 rides, shows, and attractions, including a children’s Driving School and Rescue Academy.

Best Ride

LEGOLAND Korea opened the LEGO Factory Adventure Ride in June 2022, which was previously only found in the New York location.

So far, it’s the only LEGOLAND park in Asia that offers this ride, making it an absolute must-ride.


Although each LEGOLAND location offers similar rides, each theme park has unique features.

In our opinion, the best parks are




The Billund location is the original park, while the Windsor and Florida locations offer the most rides and attractions among the LEGOLAND locations.

Ultimately, the best LEGOLAND depends on your preference. Regardless of which LEGOLAND you go to, you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful time and experience with your family or friends.

Above is information how many legolands are there.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how many legolands are there .Thank you for reading our post.

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