How many Lego star Wars Sets are there ? This is what a (nearly) complete LEGO Star Wars collection looks like

How many lego star wars sets are there ? Lego Star Wars sets have been captivating fans of all ages since their introduction in 1999. Over the years, the collection has expanded to include a wide variety of sets based on the iconic Star Wars movies and TV shows. With new sets being released regularly, it can be challenging to keep track of just how many Lego Star Wars sets there are in total. In this article, we will explore the vast universe of Lego Star Wars and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

As of now, there are over 700 Lego Star Wars sets available for purchase. These sets encompass various themes, including the original trilogy, prequel trilogy, sequel trilogy, standalone films, and animated series like “The Clone Wars” and “Rebels.” The range of sets caters to different skill levels, from simple builds designed for young children to complex and detailed sets aimed at adult collectors.

how many lego star wars sets are there

Best Lego Star Wars sets 2023

The best Lego Star Wars sets currently available you seek? Find them here, you will.

Since 1999, Lego’s Star Wars range has been delighting fans with models of ships, characters and locals from across the Star Wars galaxy. In those 24 years, the range has gone from strength to strength, developing from small, simple builds to huge 7,000+ piece sets with more detail than we could ever imagine.

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It’s also one of Lego’s most popular ranges, with close to 1,000 sets released since its inception. Many of them are duplicates of sorts, however: we’ve lost track of how many different Millennium Falcons, AT-ATs, landspeeders and TIE fighters we’ve had over the years. But the upside is that there’s almost always been a model to fit your price range. The $850 Millennium Falcon may be unattainable, but a $160 version sounds much more palatable. Heck, there’s even a $10 micro version!

Over the course of this article we’ll be looking at the best Lego Star Wars sets you can currently buy. We’ve covered all price points, from the most expensive Ultimate Collector’s sets to the much more budget-friendly. And we’ve personally had our hands on everything featured here so we’re able to give you our honest opinions on the best Lego Star Wars sets in 2023.

Looking for another type of Lego? We have a round-up of the best Lego Space sets and the best Lego Marvel sets you can currently buy. And if you’re after a good bargain, be sure to check out our Lego Star Wars deals hub.

how many lego star wars sets are there

This is what a (nearly) complete LEGO Star Wars collection looks like in 2023

Star Wars as a theme is now in its 24th year on shelves, and currently boasts almost 900 sets, polybags, magazine freebies and accessory packs. Collecting every single product released under that banner (not to mention every minifigure) is a feat few have achieved, and fewer still have actually shown off on the internet for the rest of us to gaze upon in envy.

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For better or worse, that’s exactly what redditor livefast6221 has just done over on the LEGO Star Wars subreddit. Their staggeringly comprehensive collection encompasses every single LEGO set, minifigure and promotional release from 1999 to 2022, along with at least a handful of 2023 releases (we can spot 40615 Tusken Raider on the BrickHeadz shelf, for example).

That includes everything from Ultimate Collector Series holy grails like
75192 Millennium Falcon (built into a Death Star hangar diorama) to the much-maligned buildable figures series, right through to super-rare promotional minifigures and characters like chrome Darth Vader and black-haired Kanan Jarrus. There’s a lot to take in across these images, so we’ll give you a moment just to process everything.

If you’re scouring the images to figure out what’s missing, we’ll save you the trouble: livefast6221 admitted on their reddit post that Finch Dallow, a sequel trilogy minifigure only included in late production runs of
75188 Resistance Bomber
, has eluded them so far. But they do say they’ll ‘get him eventually’ – presumably once they come up with the huge funds required to pick up the minifigure on the aftermarket.

“But wait,” we hear you say, “if they’ve already bought every single LEGO Star Wars set there is, surely they have the cash to pick up our old pal Finch?” Well, you might be surprised – according to livefast6221, the majority of the stuff you see here is ‘close to cost neutral’. They apparently started collecting around seven years ago, and got really lucky with bulk buys before the secondary market went through the roof during the pandemic.

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Snapping up bulk lots and selling off duplicate sets and minifigures is a tried and tested method for building up a big LEGO collection, even if it’s a little harder to do than it once was (now everyone and their mother seems wise to the crazy value some LEGO Star Wars sets and minifigures command). Few of us will be fortunate enough to find the uber-rare Cloud City Boba Fett minifigure in a $150 lot, for example.

A couple more caveats to this collection: the builder says they don’t count 31200 Star Wars: The Sith or the LEGO Star Wars
sets as part of the main LEGO Star Wars theme, so you won’t see those here. And they’re clearly still waiting to add the brand new May the 4th releases to their shelves, although your guess is as good as ours as to where they’re going to fit.

If this has inspired you to attempt to complete your own LEGO Star Wars collection, well, good luck. It’s not going to be cheap or easy (and the less said about dusting, the better). But it does look pretty amazing… Support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing your LEGO using our affiliate links, and stay on top of all this year’s LEGO Star Wars deals through our May the 4th hub.

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