How many Funko Pops are there? Different figures collection

How many Funko Pops are there? Pop!, made by the company Funko, is one of the most iconic collectibles that every fan of comic books, movies, series, games, and books is after.

But with the continuous growth of the company and its nonstop production of new and sometimes rare Funko Pops from different iconic mediums, it begs the question, how many Funko Pops are there?

How many Funko Pops are there?

The Funko Pop company has produced pop figures for over 20 years. The number of collectors is undeniable; there are 13,741 Pop figures as of 2023, from 8,366 last 2019 Based on the Funko App, this 2023, there will be 1,904 Pocket Pop to be released, so we’re expecting it to blow to 15,654 in total.

You can buy various pops from stores, including those inspired by the movies, Disney princesses, Marvel heroes, comic covers, Star Wars characters, and even basketball players.

Naturally this number is very temporary. Dozens/hundreds of new figures get released every month.

  • Fun fact: The largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines belongs to David Mebane from the United States, with a staggering total of 7,095 figurines as of November 15, 2020
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How many Funko Pops are there

How many Pop figures did Funko release?

Here are a few Pop figures product lines that have been launched by Funko such as:


Approximately 1,192 animation Funko Pop vinyl have been produced. This includes figures like Doraemon, Naruto, a glow-in-the-dark Buzz Light Year, and a clown-painted Dumbo (with a metallic blue version) originally released at the San Diego Comic-Con!


Theater lovers may also collect 13 different Broadway Funko Pops, including Alexander or King George from Hamilton.

Ad Icons

A variety of Ad Icons are also available at Funko, and you are free to choose from around 142 pop icon figures!


If you are a basketball lover, you can collect over 123 prominent basketball players in the world, including Lebron, Durant, Griffin, and Kobe Bryant.

How many Funko Pops are there


As of 2021, there are at least 78 Hockey pop figures based on the National Hockey League team of North America. You can choose your favorite character, including Jamie Ben and Sidney Crosby.

Comic Covers

Comic Covers were also included in their 2021 collection. There are approximately 14 pop figures on Comic Covers, and the fewer they are, the more exclusive and precious their value is!

How many Funko Pops are there


The Funko Pop Disney Parks exclusives cover a wide variety of individual entities and lines from Funko, including Disney, Marvel and Pop! Rides. The figures are either released at a Disney Park, like Disneyland and Disney World, or are a convention-exclusive based on a popular ride from the parks.

There are almost 1,222 Disney pop figures worldwide. Disney treasures like the princesses and cartoons like Stitch, Mickey Mouse, and a Make-A-Wish Minnie Mouse in metallic blue are available too!

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DC Comics

If you are a DC fan, you can choose among 36 pop figures. The line includes Batman, Joker, and the Silver Superman, a Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop.

Aside from the famous Batman, there are over 1,217 Marvel Funko Pops, including Spiderman, Iron Man, and the super rare metallic version of the Stan Lee Funko Pop Figure that comes in a window display box.

How many Funko Pops are there


There are about 857 pop figures in the market for video game players. This includes a figure of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, which all come in a window display box.


As of date, there are about 67 icons you can add to your collection, like Martin Luther and Stan Lee.


Funko Pops related to racing is about 14 as of the moment, including Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.


Even TV releases have their line of Funko Pop. There are approximately 1,260 figures in the market, including Sheldon Cooper and an Amazon-exclusive Homer Simpson.

How many Funko Pops are there

VHS Covers

If you’re a die-hard Pop collector, you must get your hands on 5 of the most famous Pop! VHS covers like Belle, Vito Corleone from The Godfather, and Goofy from A Goofy Movie. The box these collectible-based movies come with is definitely a plus!


There are over 1,259 popular characters in the movies. These Pop releases include a figure of Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, Rocky Balboa, Batman, and Mini Puft with a cocktail umbrella or a graham cracker!


Funko also has pop figures tailored for the Christmas season. 4 of the best Christmas figures include Santa Claus, Harry Chitwood, and Tusky Ledger.
Star Wars

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The company has already produced approximately 300 Star Wars pop figures – some of which are Amazon exclusive [2]. If you’re lucky, you can get your hands on some of their exclusives, like Darth Maul.


Famous music icons from the past and present also have pop figures. There are about 267 of them, including Purple Haze and Elvis Presley.


What Funko Pop Line figurine has the most total number released?

The Funko Pop Line figurine with the most releases is in the television shows category, followed by the Disney product line.

Most Funko Pop collectors have been lifelong fans who continuously love and support their favorite TV shows like Sheldon Cooper from The BBT, movies like Batman, or princesses from Disney.

How many rare pop figures are there?

There are over 15 rare pop figures you might want to collect, which are definitely worth a fortune

It includes the metallic Mickey Mouse, Superman, Gold Hopper from Stranger Things, metallic Stan Lee, and bloody Jaime Lannister from the Game of Thrones.

So, How Many Pop Figures Are There?

As of 2023, Funko Pop has released about 13,741 Pop designs and over 20,000 pop vinyl in total, including some Amazon-exclusive ones and those which you can only get at Comic-Con.

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