How many bookshelves for max enchants? How many bookshelves are needed for a level 30 enchantment in Minecraft

How many bookshelves for max enchants? Enchantments are an integral part of Minecraft 1.19. Players are always eager to get the best enchantments in their gear to make the most out of them. New players usually get enchantments from an enchanting table. Hence, they must know how to perfectly surround the table with the correct amount of bookshelves to get the best enchantments.

There are all kinds of enchantments for tools, weapons, and armor that can help players mine better and fight better against hostile mobs. While the enchanting table does give some great powerups. If players want exact enchantments and do not want to waste their XP levels, they can gradually create a group of librarian villagers that will give every type of enchantment in the form of enchanted books.

Minecraft 1.19 enchanting tables and bookshelves mechanism

Players must understand how bookshelves work with an enchanting table. There are several levels of enchantment that players can apply to their gear. This level determines how powerful the enchantment is. Additionally, players can also apply multiple enchantments on a single item as well. All these factors depend on the enchanting table levels.

If the table is used without any bookshelves, the table’s level is low. Hence, the enchantments given by the table will also be low. However, if players place bookshelves around the table, they will absorb the knowledge from those books and increase the level of enchantments offered.

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How many bookshelves for max enchants

How to setup bookshelves

Players need to place 15 bookshelves all around the enchanting table to get the most out of the enchanting table. The stunning table level can vary anywhere from one to 30.

The enchanting table always offers three sets of enchantments, based on how much XP players need to apply them. The enchanting level determines how much XP a player needs to apply for that particular enchantment. If players use the table itself, it will only offer one to 5 levels of enchantments. However, if players add 15 bookshelves, they can increase it to 30.

While placing the bookshelves, players must remember a few factors regarding where the blocks should be placed. First, players must always leave one block of space between the table and the bookshelves, not more, not less.

Second, players can only stack two bookshelves for both of them to work. If players place three bookshelves vertically, the third one at the top will not work.

The best way to place 15 bookshelves around the table is by surrounding the table with one block of bookshelves on all three corners and simply adding the remaining two bookshelves on the fourth side. This will allow players to enter and leave the enchanting table area easily. Players can view the picture provided above for reference.

Above is information how many bookshelves for max enchants.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how many bookshelves for max enchants .Thank you for reading our post.

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