How long is Dragon ball Z Kakarot ? How Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s Length Compares To Other DBZ Games

How long is dragon ball z kakarot ? As a franchise, Dragon Ball has broken into various mediums and explored many facets of its classic story. While the most famous ones have been manga and anime, video games have also been an outlet that fans can’t get enough of. As the consoles that play these games get more advanced, the immersive experience of harnessing the power of these characters has felt more and more real. The best part is that it doesn’t even matter what genre these games take place in.

While fighting games are often the go-to for Dragon Ball-themed titles, it’s not the only genre that’s brought these battles to life. In fact, the RPG genre has also used detailed gameplay styles to tell the story of Goku. Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot chronicles the history of Goku (or Kakarot), following his childhood battles against the Red Ribbon Army. While it’s a story that’s been told before, this retelling has far more to offer players as it gives them full control over Goku’s life. So, given this freedom, how long does it take to beat and complete Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

How Long Does It Take To Beat Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s Story?

As the game is an RPG, certain aspects will force the player to take a more strategic approach rather than trying to speed-run the entire narrative. According to HowLongToBeat, those who do wish to speed-run the game would be looking at just under 22 hours of playtime. But in a drastic shift, those who simply want to play the story at a relaxed pace and explore the open world likely have to contend with just over 45 hours of playtime.

Since role-playing games are hard to rush through, players may fluctuate in terms of how long it takes them to beat the game. That said, some moments may be easier to work through while other chapters or battles require more preparation. With that in mind, an average run time for finishing the story will have players spending close to 30 and a half hours on average to get a complete narrative experience.

how long is dragon ball z kakarot

How Long Does It Take To Complete Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot?

Unlike other Dragon Ball Z games, which simply put players in battle after battle, Kakarot is also about the journey leading up to the battles. As a result, there’s much more to explore and accomplish when not facing off against the likes of Frieza and Kid Buu. Not only are there side missions that allow players to fight as characters like Vegeta, but there are also smaller systems that players can use to become even stronger. These include increasing friendship levels with other characters, finding new ingredients, obtaining new buffs, and unlocking moves. There’s also a fishing mechanic that can add to other recipes and make more items that players can use in battle.

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Those who want the full experience but don’t want to rush most likely face just over 83 hours of playtime. However, speedrunners who are ready to tackle the full range of what Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot offers will be doing so in 41 and a half hours. However, for those who can’t devote themselves to either style and instead just do what’s possible, the game’s average completion time would take just under 55 hours. Ultimately, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a game steeped with goodies and battles worth enjoying, and no matter how much time players can devote to it, it’s worth playing. As it offers fun for all types of players, Kakarot is a game that has something for everyone.

How Long Does it Take to Beat The 23rd World Tournament DLC?

It will take most players around two hours to fully complete the main story of The 23rd World Tournament DLC for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. This time can be trimmed down to well under 90 minutes if players skip through all of the dialogue and cutscenes, though given how heavily the DLC plays upon series fans’ nostalgia, it’s unclear why exactly anybody would want to do this. There are also six side quests available in the DLC episode, which will take an hour or so to finish, bringing the total play time for the 23rd World Tournament DLC up toward the three-hour mark.

How Does The 23rd World Tournament Compare to Previous DLC?

Although Bardock – Alone Against Fate’s main story is technically a little shorter than the one found in The 23rd World Tournament, it’s arguably a much better expansion. This is because it takes place across a variety of locations and boasts plenty of side missions and challenges for players to tackle once they’re done with the main story missions. By comparison, the main story portion of the 23rd World Tournament DLC is effectively just a string of repetitive one-on-one fights which all take place in the same portion of the map. There are two fights that at least try to mix things up a little, but the source material arguably holds the DLC back a little when it comes to introducing variety.

Is The 23rd World Tournament Worth the Money?

Given its $13.99 price tag at launch, most will likely conclude that The 23rd World Tournament is not worth the money, even for those who are heavily invested in the long-running franchise. When purchased as part of the game’s second season pass its value does improve a little, but those who’ve yet to pull the trigger on purchasing Season Pass 2 may want to wait a little while longer to see what the final DLC episode has in store. Considering it’s rumored to be based on the Peaceful World saga, there’s every chance that it too will be lacking in content, which would make it pretty difficult to recommend the second season pass at its current $39.99 price tag.

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how long is dragon ball z kakarot

How Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s Length Compares To Other DBZ Games

Bandai Namco’s upcoming action adventure RPG game, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, tells the story of DBZ in a brand new way, releases tomorrow, and fans are beyond excited for it. This game hopes to change the very formula of Dragon Ball games, removing all aspects of multiplayer and crafting a challenging yet rewarding single player experience.

A recent Famitsu review of the game stated that it will take around 35 to 40 hours to beat the main story of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, assuming side quests are mostly ignored. Some fans are curious to know exactly how this stacks up compared to the completion time of other major Dragon Ball Z games.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will take players through each saga of the Dragon Ball Z story, and with its promise to retell the story as accurately as possible, there is a lot of ground to cover. Filler arcs have even been seen in trailers and gameplay, and with numerous side quests and some original material, the game is sure to be packed full of content for payers to enjoy well past the 40 hour mark.

Traditionally, though, Dragon Ball games have been fighter type games, with even those that feature open world traits relying mainly on text boxes or light voice acting followed by a typical fighting game encounter, as such it seems likely that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’s story will be significantly longer than previous games.

For example, one of the most recent games in the franchise, Dragon Ball FighterZ, takes only six and a half hours to beat. Although this time seems minuscule, especially in comparison to the 40 hours it takes to conquer Kakarot, it makes sense when considering what Dragon Ball FighterZ actually is. As a fighting game, the main draw of the game doesn’t come from the story, but of the replayability and the intricacy of the fighting system. Players don’t need 40 hours of story because they will find those 40 hours and many more battling other players with their favorite fighters, developing new tactics and combos, and the like.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, on the other hand, is more closely related to the genre of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, as both could be classified as an action RPG. While the Xenoverse series certainly exhibits these qualities like character leveling and a more involved story, it is still at its core meant to balance fighters for the most part and provide an enjoyable multiplayer experience. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’s main story takes an average of 18 1/2 hours to beat.

Far more formidable than Dragon Ball FighterZ to be sure, but it still pales in comparison to tomorrow’s upcoming game. Once again, though, the story mode is more of an afterthought for most players of this game, something that needs to be done in order to unlock all the characters, items, and masters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. The real fun comes in the end game activities and maxing out characters.

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Compared to the most recent of Dragon Ball games, it seems that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the easy winner in terms of length of the main story. Although that isn’t usually a metric which Dragon Ball games are measured by, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot has much more going for it than that.

The game has been praised by fans and critics alike for being incredibly faithful to the Dragon Ball Z anime source material and including a lot for the players to do. Bandai Namco has stated that, including all of the side quests and other activities, it should take players about 100 hours to get through everything.

For reference, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a game infamous for its seemingly endless supply of side quests and activities, is listed as taking on average 33 hours to complete the main story and 108 hours to complete the main story plus extras on How Long To Beat. This fits almost exactly with what is known about Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, with a 35 to 40 hour main story and estimated 100 hours if additional content is included.

The thought of having a Skyrim scale Dragon Ball Z game is certainly exciting for fans of the franchise, and that may be exactly what is coming. It’s no surprise though, given that it has been known for quite some time that the game would try to recreate nearly everything from the original Dragon Ball Z anime.

This brings up another point worthy of mention. The original English dub of the beloved Dragon Ball Z anime has 291 epiosdes, with the Saiyan Saga taking 39 episodes, the Frieza Saga lasting 68 episodes, the Cell Saga being 87 episodes in length, and the Buu saga closing the franchise with its final 97 episodes.

With an average episode run time of 24 minutes, this means that the entirety of the anime would take about 116 hours and 24 minutes to binge, which is strikingly close to the claimed time it will take to fully complete Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Going further, one can expect that each saga in the game will be longer than the last, as the same was true in the anime.

Overall, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot seems like it deserves all the praise it has received. A Dragon Ball game hasn’t been this highly anticipated for quite some time, but then again, a Dragon Ball game hasn’t been this ambitious for a long time either. Ultimately, players can see for themselves how long it takes them to beat this game, as the game finally releases tomorrow, January 17th.

Even ignoring all side quests, it seems the game’s length will be more than sufficient to satisfy players, but throw in extra content and the possibility of eventual downloadable content like a Dragon Ball Super DLC, and prospects seem even brighter. Players would do well to remember, though, that while flying around doing endless sidequests, the fate of the world may be at stake.

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