How long has GTA 6 been in development? Leak Reveals How Long GTA 6 Has Been In Development

How long has gta 6 been in development? Grand Theft Auto 6 has been in development for nearly a decade at this point, according to some newly leaked information which also mentions not one but two Bully games.

This bit of unofficial insight into Rockstar’s past and present projects arrives mere days after Take-Two’s financial report hinted at a possible release window for GTA 6.

While Rockstar’s development cycles have gotten exceedingly long over the years, the company has never been one to rest on its laurels when it comes to Grand Theft Auto games.

GTA 5 hence started development circa 2008, not long after the fourth numbered entry in the series released. Similarly, the pre-production on GTA 4 began in November 2004, just as GTA: San Andreas hit the market.

GTA Online Pre-Release Beta Build Leaks, Reveals Cut Content

GTA 6 has apparently followed a similar pattern, as suggested by a recently spotted LinkedIn profile of former Rockstar Research Video Editor Jon Young.

The industry veteran revealed that he worked on Grand Theft Auto 6 over a three-year period ending in 2018, when he left the company after a 13-year stint.

That tidbit indicates that the upcoming game started development no later than 2015, possibly around spring, when Rockstar released the highly coveted PC port of GTA 5.

Young also wrote that he was involved in the development of two Bully sequels in 2008. The fact that Bully 2 was once in the works and subsequently canceled is widely known nowadays, but the ex-Rockstar staffer is the first person to ever suggested that Bully 3 was also on the cards once upon a time.

Seeing how Young’s job description at Rockstar revolved around producing “internal journalism” and handling location shoots used to inform and support the work of other departments, it would appear that the video editor was involved in the company’s projects from their earliest stages of pre-production.

And though there’s no indication that Bully 3 ever left that development phase, Bully 2 was allegedly well underway by the time it was canceled circa 2010, with past insider reports suggesting that Rockstar New England managed to complete at least six hours of playable content before the project was scraped.

As for the next Grand Theft Auto installment, this newly unearthed insight seemingly confirms that GTA 6 has already been in development for almost twice as long as its predecessor.

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The wait for the much-anticipated game could now finally be nearing its end, as one credible leaker recently claimed that GTA 6 is targeting a holiday 2024 release.

how long has gta 6 been in development

When will GTA 6 release?

There has yet to be an official confirmation of the release date from the developer Rockstar Games. But insider reports assume that the expected release date is somewhere between April 1 2024 and March 31, 2025.

According to reports, this information is from a recent Take-Two Interactive Investors Call. They revealed that they have several projects project planned and will be releasing them in Fiscal 2025 year.

Despite all the excitement, rumors, and buzz surrounding the GTA 6 release date, one thing is for sure; Rockstar Games will take their sweet time to develop this masterpiece just like they did with the previous projects.

GTA 6 development has been struck a major blow

That’s it, call in sick to work, tell your partners you need to take a break – Grand Theft Auto VI development has suffered a major blow. You may now proceed to freak out in whatever ways you see fit.

It may sound melodramatic, but let’s face it, we could all do without any further delays on this game; it’s been 10 years in the making, we’re done being subtle about how we’re feeling.

Surely that was clear when fans were floored by the game’s dynamic weather system. That being said, that doesn’t mean anyone is going to patiently wait, despite voice actors from GTA VI telling us that this game is “worth the wait”

Michael Unsworth has been Rockstar Games’ vice president of writing since the dawn of time… okay, so only a couple of years, but Unsworth has been with the company for 16 years.

That era has come to an end, though, after the writer quietly soft-launched his departure from Rockstar on LinkedIn. On their profile, this is what greets everyone eager to learn more:

“Mike is an accomplished writer who spent over 16 years working for Rockstar Games as a creative lead on some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video game franchises of all time, most notably Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption.

He has a deep understanding of interactive storytelling, character development and open world game design and extensive experience building and managing creative teams.”

If that doesn’t convince you that Unsworth has left the building, the fact that it now says that they were the vice president writer from 2021 to 2023 will seal the deal.

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Naturally, fans are spiralling, worried that GTA VI will be delayed even longer – as if we could handle any more delays! On the flip side of this, other fans believe that Unsworth’s departure will have little to no effect, seeing as how there’s been little noise made about him leaving in the first place.

Although it’s sad to see a veteran writer leave Rockstar, it would appear that GTA VI is still on track to launch in 2025. If that changes, you know we’ll be among the first to let you know, just try not to panic if that happens… please.

GTA 6 footage confirms return of GTA 5 character we all thought dead

Leaked GTA VI footage currently doing the rounds appears to confirm the return of a character we all assumed died back in GTA V.

GTA VI was announced to be in development way back in February 2022, although that’s all Rockstar Games has shared with us so far. It’s been suggested that the game will launch by March 2025 at the latest, but we still don’t really know for sure.

All we really have is footage of fans rushing live TV shows to demand information, and the infamous gameplay leaks from last summer which continue to pop up online despite Rockstar’s best efforts.

One leaked clip that recently resurfaced on Twitter (and has somehow yet to be taken down) doesn’t really show anything of note from a gameplay perspective, but it does specifically mention a character we all say die in GTA V: Jay Norris, CEO of fictional social media company Lifeinvader.

In the leaked footage, an NPC can be heard saying anyone that uses Lifeinvader is risking Jay Norris downloading their brain so he can “sell it the Chinese”.

Classic GTA-style dialogue right there, we love to see it. The only catch? Jay Norris is properly dead, since we blew his head off quite early on in a main story mission in GTA V. Subsequent references to the character in GTA Online go on to confirm that he definitely didn’t survive, too.

So what’s going on this footage? My first thought was that this was just a recycled line from GTA V, since the GTA VI footage is from an early build of the upcoming game. But after checking around, it looks like no such line exists in GTA V.

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There’s a chance GTA VI is either set before or around the same time as GTA V, but I’m not entirely sure why they’d do that. The most likely scenario is that, since this NPC clearly believes in conspiracies, he’s probably convinced himself that Jay Norris faked his own death so he could more effectively steal brains to sell to foreign rivals.

Whatever the case, this small nugget of GTA VI exudes the same brilliant writing and atmosphere as classic GTA, and that can only ever be a good thing.

how long has gta 6 been in development

GTA 6 dynamic weather system ‘screenshot’ floors fans

A new GTA VI leak appears to have given us a peek at the game’s dynamic weather systems, and it’s fair to say fans are excited.

There’s no doubt about it: GTA VI is the most-anticipated video game of all time. So far we’ve heard the game has been in development for over a decade and will ultimately have cost around $2 billion to make before it launches (whenever that is).

GTA VI has also been one of the leakiest games we’ve ever seen – not surprising given the hype around it. So far we’ve seen unofficial looks at one of the game’s nightclubs, the overhauled police AI in action during a car chase, and even a brief peek at the game’s brand-new (seemingly modern-day) Vice City.

Given Rockstar’s pedigree, fans have started to expect one of the most detailed open world games ever made. Just consider Red Dead Redemption 2, which was packed with a level of realistic detail some would argue bordered on unnecessary. Did horse balls really need to shrink in colder weather?

One GTA VI leaker has been sharing snippets of footage from the game, and recently teased what we can expect from Vice City’s dynamic weather systems. All they’ll say for now is that we’ll get a “multitude of weather scenarios”, but knowing the work Rockstar puts in this is likely to have a big impact on gameplay.

Given that Vice City is a parody of Miami, which is based in Florida, we can safely rule out snowstorms and other, freezing conditions. Costal areas of the state are known for tropical storms and hurricanes, however, which could definitely have an interesting affect on our open-world experience.

While the screenshot provided seems to be more of a proof of concept, fans are confident Rockstar has it in them to create some game-changing weather in GTA VI. As a man who’s partial to a good bit of video game rain, I can’t wait.

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