GTA 5 how to start heist? How to start a Heist as a leader in GTA Online: Complete list of properties required for each Heist

GTA 5 how to start heist? GTA 5 Online is filled to the brim with exciting missions and you can lose yourself in amazing side activities. Of all the content to consume, the various heists you can perform as a crew serve as the ultimate highlight.

These multi-part adventures see you pull off some cinematic jobs and provide the highest reward payouts available in the game without spending real dollars in the DLC shop.

How do I set up my own heist in GTA 5 Online?

The one catch to playing heists in GTA Online is that there is quite a bit of setup involved. You cannot simply start a heist until you complete the prerequisite missions, own the right property, and purchase any special vehicles created for the job.

Most of these requirements also require you to be at least rank 12 in the progression system. Each rank unlocks new items, properties, and opportunities that often correspond to the game’s various heists.

Start with getting a high-end apartment or one of the game’s various business facilities. Then, walk over to the whiteboard in your home to see the list of available heist steps.

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For special event heists, like the Casino Diamond Heist, you must wait for the call from Lester and then watch the introductory cutscene. This will permanently unlock the ability to start each new set of missions from the appropriate property type.

gta 5 how to start heist

Joining an existing heist

One convenient way to hop into the action is to join a crew that has already completed most or all of the setup steps. While you will not have much say over the proceedings, you can still receive a hefty sum from the owner of the session.

Be sure that your percentage of the take is satisfactory when you join a heist lobby. Use your in-game smartphone to find a job and select “Play Heist” to use this feature. Alternatively, join a friend who has an open slot in their heist session.

Repeat heists often for massive riches

GTA Online can be an incredibly grindy experience. There are so many things to unlock and buy that you will always be striving for that next paycheck.

Successful heist attempts off the most substantial payouts, so wise players will return to each of these missions regularly. Keep in mind that you can work on heist challenges and improve your completion medals with each subsequent run at a heist to help the grind stay enjoyable.

Now that you know how to set up your own heists, be sure to incorporate them into your regular gameplay routine. Work with your friends to quickly make GTA dollars and live a life of luxury in San Andreas.

How to Start a Heist in GTA V Online

GTA Online Heist Requirements

Below are the requirements to start a Heist in GTA Online. If you don’t meet the criteria, you can still join your friends or other players hosting their own.

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To start a Heist in GTA Online, visit the planning room in your high-end apartment. If you’ve yet to purchase one, Apartment 7 in Del Perro Heights is the cheapest in the game at $200,000.

In your setup room, select the Heist you want to partake in. As the Heist leader, you’ll need to select and purchase personnel and equipment. If you friends don’t agree with you having such a large cut, just remind them how much you forked out for them.

How to Invite Friends to Heists in GTA Online

You can invite players to your Heist by simply adding them to your current session. Select Options, Friend List, choose the friend you want to invite and then select Send Game Invite. You can also invite your friends through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.

Benefits of Hosting GTA Online Heists

As a Heist Leader, you’ll earn more RP than other members of your Heist. You can also assign yourself a more significant cut of the final payout for your hard work, which can more than make up for the cost of hosting.

Whether you’re trying to earn more money to fund your obsession with GTA Supercars or want to hire yourself some bodyguards, Heists are an incredibly fun way to earn some dough.

gta 5 how to start heist

How to start a Heist as a leader in GTA Online

There are several reasons to start a Heist as a leader in GTA Online. The leader gets to decide who plays which role and choose what setups they want.

In the finale, the leader gets to decide the amount each player receives. The most important reason to start a heist as a leader, however, is because the host gets the biggest cut of all, which is around 40%.

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To start a Heist as a leader, the player will need to have unlocked level 12 in the game, and invest in all the equipment required for the Heist, including a high-end apartment, which costs a sizeable fortune.

The cheapest high-end apartment in GTA Online costs $200,000.

After these requirements are met, the player will receive a call from Lester who will invite them to their garment factory. When the player accepts the heist, they will automatically become the leader and will be able to invite fellow players via the lobby or friends list.

The leader of the heist will also need to invest a good chunk of money in hiring NPCs. The only exception to this general rule of thumb is the Fleeca Job, which Lester will so generously cover the expenses for

Complete list of properties required for each Heist in GTA Online

Note that each GTA Online heist requires a high-end apartment but the Diamond Casino Heist, the Doomsday Heist, and the Cayo Perico Heists, have their own property requirements.

The Diamond Casino Heist – A retro Arcade propertyThe Doomsday Heist – A Facility from Maze Bank ForeclosuresThe Cayo Perico Heist – The Kosatka Submarine (works as the headquarters)

All the other GTA Online heists require a high-end apartment which will be used as a base of operations for the heist.

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