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Frozen marshmallow? Marshmallow is a supporting antagonist in Disney’s 2013 animated feature film, Frozen and its 2019 sequel. He is an enchanted snow-monster created to serve as Elsa’s palace guard.

Following Elsa’s return to Arendelle, Marshmallow inherited her palace and now lives a peaceful life atop the North Mountain with his siblings, the Snowgies.


Official Description

Marshmallow is an enormous icy snowman born from Elsa’s powers. He serves as a brute bodyguard charged with keeping intruders away from her ice palace. The menacing white beast doesn’t say much, but he packs a powerful punch.


Originally, there was going to be more than one snowman similar to Marshmallow, with Olaf being the first member of this snowman army, but was rejected by Elsa because he wasn’t threatening enough, very much like how one’s first attempt at cooking food often tends to end in disaster, but later attempts become more and more successful (they make a brief appearance in the “Bad Elsa” deleted scene, where an originally villainous Elsa can be seen interrogating two of “Admiral Westergård” (an early version of Hans, the actual antagonist)’s guards).

However, these snowmen were ultimately proven to be too successful, that they ultimately went out of control and started going on a rampage and purposely attacking anyone in their path, something Elsa was against.

However, the concept was kept so at least one Snowman Guard would be in the film, with Marshmallow taking that role.

frozen marshmallow


Just as Olaf represents Elsa’s childlike persona, Marshmallow appears to represent Elsa’s powerful desire to be left alone. Because of this, he is extremely aggressive and territorial to intruders or others who try to enter the castle except for Elsa, whom he was made to protect.

He is incredibly devoted to her in this role and continued this even when he was injured. However, at the end of the film, when returning to the ice palace, he is shown smiling and letting out a happy sigh after placing Elsa’s discarded tiara on his head.

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This possibly hints that while he represents her desire to be alone, he could also contain some aspects of her innocence.

Despite being a highly competent minion, for the most part, Marshmallow still has some bumbling edges, as seen when chasing Kristoff and Anna, who was able to outsmart the snow beast rather easily.

Interestingly, in several storybooks and comics taking place after the film, Marshmallow’s friendlier personality, shown at the end of the film, has apparently taken dominance.

He now serves as an ally to the other characters. This can also be seen in Frozen Fever, where Marshmallow shows no hostility towards Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven, while the opposites show no fear of the snow beast in spite of their previous history.

Physical appearance

Marshmallow is a hulking behemoth of a snowman, whose joints are comprised of ice rather than sticks, unlike Olaf. His fingers are made from rounded icicles, and are really sharp as knives, with his elbows and knees having sheets of ice on them like knee and elbow pads.

As he is angered further, it is shown that Marshmallow’s eye sockets light up demonically, and ice spikes will protrude from multiple parts of his body.

It is shown that he gains ice spikes on his back, somewhat like the quills of a porcupine and/or hedgehog, as well as ice growing along his arms. His ice fingers sharpen to become talons, and fangs will grow alongside his jawline. This helps make him a more formidable fighter, as well as making him appear more threatening.

Powers and abilities

Despite being made from snow and ice, he seems to have no real control over it. However, Marshmallow has superhuman strength, which he uses as his primary weapon.

He can grow ice from himself, however, in the form of weapons such as spikes, claws, and teeth to compose armor. He also has shown the ability to breathe blizzards of snow from his mouth.

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When facing one or two opponents, his immense size and strength can give him the upper hand. However, he does have some difficulty taking on large groups of opponents at one time, due to their strength in numbers and his lack of agility.

Like Elsa, his abilities are controlled by his emotions. When peaceful, Marshmallow’s appearance is smooth and warm, much like Olaf, though still hulking due to his size.

But when angered, the spikes and shards are unleashed, and the more his fury, the more deadly ice shards consume his body, making him all the more dangerous and powerful.

frozen marshmallow



After Anna arrives in Elsa’s ice palace, the princess tries to convince her sister to return home, to Arendelle. However, Elsa refuses, though Anna remains persistent even after Elsa’s frequent requests to leave and unintentional freezing of her sister’s heart.

With no other choice, Elsa creates Marshmallow as a personal bodyguard to send Anna, her companion Kristoff, and Elsa’s first enchanted snowman Olaf out of her home, to never return. After Marshmallow kicks them out, however, he upsets Anna by throwing Olaf onto a snowy boulder.

As revenge, Anna balls up a snowball and tries to throw it at the giant beast, but Kristoff, knowing it’s a bad idea, keeps Anna from throwing the snowball, telling her to let the giant snowman be. Anna tells him she’s calm and seemingly softens, but the moment Kristoff turns his back, she throws the snowball at the giant snow monster.

Though it leaves literally no damage whatsoever, the lack of respect was enough to infuriate Marshmallow, causing him to chase Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf down the North Mountain while Kristoff’s reindeer, Sven (who ended up getting his tongue stuck and managed to extricate) runs off into a direction which leads to the bottom of a cliff.

Marshmallow manages to corner them at the edge of the cliff, though Kristoff immediately begins digging a snow anchor, using a rope to safely guide himself and Anna down the mountain to safety.

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However, Marshmallow catches up to them, though Olaf tries to stop him. Annoyed, Marshmallow kicks Olaf over the cliff, and continues his chase for Anna and Kristoff, pulling them up to his face by the rope, and ordering them once more not to return, just before Anna grabs Kristoff’s knife, cuts the rope, then sends the duo plummeting down, though they survive. With his mission to drive them away completed, Marshmallow returns to the ice palace

Later, Marshmallow stakes himself outside of Elsa’s castle, disguising himself as snowy boulders in case more unwanted guests were to arrive. Eventually, they do, in the form of Prince Hans and his army, bent on finding Anna. The moment they come close enough, Marshmallow reveals himself and jumps right into battle.

The soldiers immediately attack the beast, infuriating Marshmallow and causing his final form to be revealed. Marshmallow is able to hold most of the guards off, though Hans proves to be a fierce warrior himself, avoiding each of Marshmallow’s attacks and eventually using his sword to slice the snow monster’s left leg off, causing him to lose balance and begin tumbling over to a large gorge.

With Marshmallow wounded, Hans begins heading inside Elsa’s castle, but Marshmallow doesn’t give up, giving one last swing in an attempt to drag Hans down with him. Unfortunately, he fails, and the giant snow beast plunges down into the chasm below, apparently to his death.

After the credits, it’s revealed that Marshmallow had survived the ordeal, and is seen limping back into the castle with a newly-made left leg, where all he finds is Elsa’s discarded crown.

The monster examines the crown, looks around for a moment, and smiles. The monster, pleasing his inner prince, happily crowns himself ruler of the castle, causing his ice spikes to resign as he gives a happy sigh, becoming docile before happily continuing his life in the North Mountain.

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