Does Funko Pops have brains? What’s inside a Funko Pop’s head?

Does Funko Pops have brains in their oversized heads? It’s a nice idea and not beyond the realms of possibility. But I’m afraid it is time to Pop this popular Funko Pop urban myth, OR IS IT?

 Or how to remove a funko pop head in the first place? We’ve heard these questions many times and wanted to get to the bottom of what’s fact vs. not.

The best part of collecting funko pops is admiring their different shaped heads and unique styled hair; it makes sense why rumors about funko pop heads having brains would start around them.

Does Funko Pops have brains?

The answer is no. There are no brains, special items, mini figures or hidden features of any kind inside your Funko’s head. In rare instances you may hear something rattling inside your Pop’s head, but this is likely a broken piece of plastic that snapped off during manufacturing.

In fact, if you do decide to open up your Funko’s head in search of brains or other hidden treasures, all you’re going to end up with is a damaged Pop. Don’t believe us? In a video with over 800,000 views, noted YouTube influencer Top Pops debunked the myth and found that there were indeed no brains inside.

How did the rumor of Funko Brains start?

The rumor of Funko Pops having brains appears to have first started on TikTok in early 2021, with a number of collectors posting videos that supposedly showed them dissecting their Pops and revealing plastic brains inside.

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A series of additional videos posted around the same time also claimed to show Funkos containing small plastic Dragon Balls inside (as popularized from the popular Dragon Ball Z anime series). Still other videos posted on TikTok, Twitter and YouTube during this period purported to show smaller Funko figures found inside the heads.

In all cases, however, these videos were complete hoaxes and quickly became a meme and inside joke among the Funko collector community, in turn perpetuating even more videos which further fuelled the urban legend.

Does Funko Pops have brains

Do Funko Pop heads come off?

Funko Pop heads are *not* designed to come off and in fact doing so will damage your figure. The heads are also *not* interchangeable and are in fact sealed to the original Pop, forming a single figure. Funko Pop Heads are also not meant to move and are only supposed to face forward (unless specifically designed otherwise). Trying to twist or turn a Pop’s head may damage the figure.

That are, however, unique Funko Pop bobbleheads which do have a spring between the head and body, but these are also not detachable and not designed to be swapped with other figures.

What’s inside a Funko Pop’s head?

Inside a Funko Pop’s head there is absolutely nothing. That’s because Pops are made from vinyl using a manufacturing process that creates a hollowed out shell of semi-pliable material which helps provide extra weight and support for the character.

There are some Funkos that do have added weight and features to their heads, but these are rare exceptions and these too are hollow. Adding anything else inside the vinyl shell would require a completely different manufacturing process than the one Funko is currently using.

The idea of Pop figures having brains is something that started on social media as a joke. Images were shared of Pops that had been lobotomized, revealing their inner brain. A lot of effort was put into making these images look authentic to the extent that people started to believe that Funko Pops actually did have brains.

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A lot of common Pops have died at the hands of Funko fans convinced that Pops have brains and then cutting them open just to be disappointed.

Does Funko Pops have brains

How to remove a Funko Pop’s head?

If you’d like to remove the pop’s head, here are the tools and steps you’ll need to get the job done. Safety is our top priority; if you are a teenager or kid, please have an adult assist you.

  • Sharp Knife. A knife with a sharp blade will work. Unfortunately, scissors will not cut through the pop vinyl quickly or safely. It’s not sharp enough, and they can’t pierce through the hairline of the funko pop’s head properly.
  • Tooth saw with Handle. A hand saw with sharp teeth will also work. It only takes a little back, and forth motion with the tooth saw to get the funko pop’s head to come off. Once the funko pop’s head is off, you can then use the sharp knife to open the head.
  • Screwdrive. Any handheld screwdriver will help you with the final steps towards opening up the funko pop’s head. It will be able to get into the small slices you could make with the sharp knife. It also acts as a wedge, giving you visibility into what is inside.

Use caution when removing a funko pop head because they are not meant to be removed in the first place. If you’d like to put food inside the head of a funko, there’s plenty of examples of using Sushi or Candy online.

Does Funko Pops have brains

Are Funko Pop’s head Interchangeable?

Funko Pop Heads are not interchangeable; they are sealed to the original pop and are one piece of pop vinyl. Other funko pop bobbleheads have a spring between the head and body that keeps them together. They are not supposed to be swapped or switched with pop figures.

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Additionally, are funko pop heads suppose to rattle? A pop’s head will only rattle if there’s a piece of vinyl broken within the head. It’s abnormal to hear a funko pop head rattling, both funko shot bobbleheads and pop vinyl figures.

What’s the average size of a funko pop head?

  • 6 Inch Funko Pops have an average head size of 1 Inches = 2.54 centimeters
  • 10 Inch Funko Pops have an average head size of 3 Inches = 7.62 centimeter

Do Funko Pop’s head move?

A funko pop’s head will move if turned and force is applied; however, a brand new pop’s head before being added to their box gets tightened. Depending on how loose the figure’s head is, the more movement you’ll experience. Funko pop heads are not meant to move and are only supposed to face forward unless touched otherwise.

If you find a funko pop with a head not facing forward, know that it’s likely a mistake made in production, or someone had touched the funko pop before being added to its box.

Funko Pops, when dropped out of their box, can experience their pop heads to move. If this does occur, feel free to turn the head back to forward-facing.

Does Funko Pops have brains

Final Thoughts on Funko Brains

While it would be amazing if there were brains, rare figures and even the occasional Dragon Ball stored inside a Funko, sadly there really is nothing inside a Funko but air. The rumors otherwise are simply a classic case of wishful thinking, urban legend and social media hype.

And while we’re often told that it’s what’s inside that counts most, Funko Pop collectors will simply have to enjoy these amazing figures for what they are on the outside.

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