Do people Still play Pokemon go ? How many people play Pokemon Go?

Do people still play pokemon go ? Pokemon Go is still retaining an impressive playerbase 7 years after its 2016 debut, but just how popular the game is in July of 2023. So here’s the Pokemon Go player count, according to ActivePlayer.

Pokemon Go was and continues to be, a huge success for the Pokemon franchise. The game utterly succeeded in bringing gaming to the real world and for a time in 2016 actual crowds gathered at popular gyms and hot spots to catch pocket monsters.

Through the years the game witnessed many changes, some were praised, others were shunned, as it is with any kind of drastic change. So after all is said and done, some are wondering how many people actually play Pokemon Go in 2023. With that in mind, here’s the Pokemon Go player count.

Pokemon Go player count

Niantic does not disclose player data so we will have to rely on third-party player trackers to learn about the active player numbers of Pokemon Go.

So, bear in mind that while these numbers are not official data shared by the devs, they will give you an estimate of how many people are playing Pokemon Go.

According to BuisnessofApps Pokemon Go peaked at 232 million active players in the year of its debut, 2016. This is not surprisingly the best year that Pokemon Go historically had to date

do people still play pokemon go

How many people play Pokemon Go?

It’s impossible to know how many people are playing Pokemon Go as of right now with Niantic sharing the numbers themselves, which is unlikely to happen. But according to ActivePlayer the game averaged 79 million monthly players around July of 2023.

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According to the available data Pokemon Go generated $703 million for Niantic in 2022, which was down from 2021’s $877 million, this forced the company to reevaluate their 2023 vision for the game.

Pokemon Go is of course free-to-play, and that low barrier of entry as well as the active form of gameplay the app encourages guarantees high numbers of users.

How Many People Stopped Playing Pokémon GO Since Launch

The site compiles data from various sources to estimate the total number of active players in any game. It also gathers data on total app revenue and compares current numbers with different points on the game’s release timeline. As of June 2022, data shows Pokémon GO has an estimated 80 million players monthly.

However, its daily play base is much smaller, with only about 8 million players logging in daily. Although this number is quite a bit lower than the 500 million downloads reached by the end of its first year, it’s up quite a bit from the 60 million monthly players reported during parts of 2019 and 2021.

Overall, Pokémon GO’s player base seems to fluctuate with relative frequency, dropping below 60 million downloads for a few months at a time before rising back up within the following year.

Though the game hasn’t yet been able to climb back up beyond 100 million monthly players, a number it sported during 2019 when Pokémon GO received record-breaking profits, its continued revenue seems to show that the app isn’t going anywhere any time soon despite Niantic’s continued missteps in the eyes of dedicated Pokémon GO fans.

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Although the app may have lost over 80% of its initial player base, there are still plenty of players willing to return to Pokémon GO, whether it be for the latest update or just to continue their quest to finally complete the ever-expanding Pokédex.

Pokemon GO’s 5 Best Attributions for its popularity.

Higher Shiny Chances

Shiny Hunting is a beloved activity spanning the entire Pokemon franchise, from the card game to the main series titles. As such, there is a dedicated community of trainers who aim to collect every type of Shiny Pokemon. To make this process as easy as possible, many shiny hunters have turned to Pokemon GO.

As some players may know, the base odds for finding a Shiny Pokemon in the mobile game is around 1 in 500. Compare this to the base rate in the main games of around 1 in every 4000 encounters, and it is clear why many shiny hunters prefer hunting in GO compared to the main series.

Add monthly Community Day events that increase shiny odds to around 1 in 25, and playing GO for the Shiny Pokemon is a no-brainer.

do people still play pokemon go

Pokemon Home

Like the increased shiny odds, Pokemon Home has convinced many players to try GO. While Let’s GO did something similar by letting players transfer their creatures from the mobile game to a home console, the process was much more tedious as trainers still had to catch their Pokemon again when they reached the home console.

Players have dreamed of letting trainers transfer their creatures from an app to their game through an official app since Game Freak switched their focus from the Nintendo 3DS to the Switch. Since it is much easier to get some creatures in Pokemon GO than in the main series titles, like Legendaries and trade evolutions, many use GO for Pokedex completion.

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Constant Updates

Like every other online video game, mobile or not, the stream of constant updates the game receives keeps players coming back to Pokemon GO. Though the game still has its fair share of bugs, Niantic is working to acknowledge any gameplay issues that trainers may experience and typically fixes them in the next patch.

This also often includes updates that add additional content to the game, like new Pokemon, forms, trainer cosmetics, and more. Thanks to these constant updates, the game always provides players with a fresh experience.

Rotating Content

Like the constant updates, Niantic has implemented constant rotations of notable content like raids and PvE battling. This gives many hardcore players a sense of excitement every time the servers are due for a new rotation. More often than not, these rotations are merely new Raid Bosses. Nevertheless, the temptation of a new challenge can tempt many powerful trainers.

Recently, Niantic has given its players a perfect chance to test their mettle in new Primal Raids. These fights are the ultimate challenge, as they are the hardest in the game.

Limited-Time Events

Finally, one of the most important parts of Pokemon GO is the significant content drops that lay down the road map for the time ahead. These events include the new Season drops and monthly Community Days that give players a chance to catch some rare Shiny Pokemon.

The weekly Spotlight and Raid Hours are some of the more underappreciated yet still great events that allow trainers to get their hands on some uncommon creatures in the Pokedex.

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