Who is Cocomelon mom? Meet the Mommy from Cocomelon

Who is Cocomelon mom? What is the real name of mommy from Cocomelon? Cocomelon is an animated children’s YouTube series that has taken the world by storm with its catchy songs, colorful animation, and vibrant characters.

The series follows the adventures of three young siblings, JJ, YaYa, and TomTom, and their lovable parents. But who exactly plays the mom in Cocomelon? The answer may surprise you! The role of the mom is played by none other than Canadian actress and singer, Samantha Ivers. With her endearing portrayal of the upbeat, supportive mom, Ivers has become an integral part of the Cocomelon family.

Cocomelon is a sing-along musical series that assists young children in learning letters, numbers, animal sounds, colors, and more. It is a series that provides parents with the opportunity to teach and play with their children as they watch the episodes. Netflix will begin streaming the show in 2020.

Your dog is smarter than your average American pitbull. Every day, Mom knows how to have fun. Dad’s antics make him a very silly, sweet, and generous man. His love of dinosaurs and science extends beyond the Cretaceous Period. Nico is loud, but he is also full of heart and the most loyal of friends.

Her late 20s to mid 30s are most likely her best years.

Who is Cocomelon Mom?

Lovelle is the mother of TomTom, YoYo, and JJ as well as being Dan’s wife. She has brown hair that is pinned back, brown eyes, and fair skin. Mommy is about average height, most likely standing between 5 foot 5 inches to 5 foot 7 inches.

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Mommy is, naturally, a patient and loving mother to her children. She does get visibly exasperated or overwhelmed at times but she never lets that get in the way of her duties as a mother; whether it’s household chores or caring for the kids, she doesn’t stop till the job is done. She appreciates silly humor and music, two things her husband readily does to make her laugh and smile.

  • First Appearance: Summer 2018
  • Latest Appearance: Various Episodes
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Human
  • Color(s): Brown (hair) Black (eyes)
  • Family:
    • Grandpa (father)
    • Grandma (mother)
    • TomTom (son)
    • YoYo (daughter)
    • J.J. (son)Laura (daughter)
  • Spouse(s): Daddy (husband)

Who is Cocomelon mom



As previously noted, she is married to Daddy. They appear to have a healthy relationship (although they are known to food-shame each other). They go on bicycle dates and have dinner together after the children have gone to bed.

They split child care and household chores equally, with both of them being depicted cleaning, tending to their sick children, bathing them, and helping them get ready for bed. She enjoys dancing with him, hearing his music and his sense of humor.


TomTom is her oldest child. Despite having two other children to tend to, she makes sure that he gets the attention he needs. She helps him with his homework, ensures that he is still growing up with good values such as sharing, and reassures him when he loses his first tooth.


YoYo is the middle child and her only daughter. Despite having two other children she always tries to make time to play with her.

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JJ is her youngest child, and as such, she gives him the most care and attention. She takes him to the park and school, teaches him basic lessons in early childhood and plays with him. She dotes on him but, at the same time allows him the independence to play and explore on his own.

Grandma and Grandpa

Grandma and Grandpa McDonald are Mommy’s parents. They own a sizeable farm where they raised Mommy, most likely instilling the work ethic we can see in her today. They are beloved by Mommy and the rest of the family as they are trusted to watch the children while Mommy and Daddy go out on dates. Presumably, they visit the house often and JJ frequently spends time at their farm.

Who is Cocomelon mom

Other Details


  • Yoga
  • Soccer
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Sewing


  • Flowers
  • Family
  • Hard Candies
  • Ice Cream
  • Bike Riding
  • Outdoor Activities


  • Frogs


  • Stay-At-Home Mom

While we have no concrete evidence, it is very likely that Mommy stays at home with the children and Daddy goes to work. In most videos Mommy is seen tending to JJ (feeding him lunch, taking him to the park, etc.) alone. Presumably the older children are at school and Daddy is at work.


Lovelle/mommy had a miscarrige for a baby boy. The baby boys name was supposed to be Dan jr.


Why are moms against CoComelon?

Many parents reported addictive behaviors in their children, followed by tantrums when they attempted to wean them off the cartoon. Others attributed speech delays, missed milestones and neurodevelopmental disorders, such as ADHD and autism, to CoComelon.

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Who is CoComelon bad for kids?

Some child development experts confirmed that the show is hyper-stimulating and can cause addiction as the result. Jerrica Sannes, an expert in early childhood, development and education, claimed the show was not only overstimulating, it’s also likely to cause behavioral problems and attention disorders

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