Coco Bluey a pink poodle who is one of Bluey’s friends

Coco Bluey is a popular character among Bluey fans. She is often praised for her enthusiasm, her sense of humor, and her willingness to break the rules. Coco is a reminder that it’s okay to be different and that it’s important to have fun.

Coco Bluey

Who is Coco Bluey?

Coco is a pink poodle who is one of Bluey’s friends. She is a secondary character who has appeared in multiple episodes of the Australian children’s television show Bluey. She is known for being enthusiastic and impatient, and she loves to play games.

Coco first appeared in the episode “Shadowlands”, where she played with Bluey, Bingo, and Snickers. She also appeared in the episodes “The Creek”, “Sticky Gecko”, and “Baby Race”.

Coco is voiced by Melanie Zanetti. Her mother, Bella, is voiced by Hsiao-Ling Tang.

Here are some additional details about Coco:

  • She has bright pink tufts of fur on her head, ears, hands, feet, and tail. The rest of her fur is light pink.
  • She wears blue butterfly hair clips.
  • She is friends with Bluey, Bingo, Snickers, Muffin, and Chloe.
  • She is sometimes impatient when playing games.
  • She loves to play Shadowlands, Sticky Gecko, and Baby Race.
  • Her mother is Bella, who has nine children.
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Appearance of Coco Bluey

Coco is a pink Poodle that wears blue butterfly hair clips. She has bright pink tufts of fur on her head, ears, hands, feet and tail. The rest is light pink.

Biography of Coco Bluey

Coco is friends with most of the students in Calypso’s School. She has a mum, a dad and eight older siblings.

Appearances of Coco Bluey

  • S01E05 – Shadowlands (Debut)
  • S01E17 – Calypso
  • S01E18 – The Doctor
  • S01E40 – Early Baby
  • S01E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02E16 – Army
  • S02E28 – Seesaw
  • S02E31 – Barky Boats (cameo)
  • S02E33 – Circus
  • S02E50 – Baby Race
  • S02E45 – Handstand
  • S02E49 – Typewriter
  • S03E15 – Explorers
  • S03E28 – Stories
  • S03E34 – Space (cameo)
  • S03E44 – Wild Girls
  • S03E45 – TV Shop
  • S03E47 – Cricket (cameo)

Appearances of Coco Bluey


Who is Coco’s crush in Bluey?

Coco, one of Bluey’s friends, appears to have a crush on Mackenzie, another of Bluey’s friends. This is evident in the episode “Circus”, where Coco is very excited to see Mackenzie and asks him to be her partner in the circus act. She also blushes and smiles when he is around. In the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the show, Coco’s name is changed to “Cacau”, which means “cocoa”, which is a play on the word “crush”.

However, it is important to note that there is no explicit confirmation that Coco actually has a crush on Mackenzie. It is possible that she simply enjoys his company and looks up to him as a friend. Ultimately, it is up to the viewer to decide what they believe.

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How old is Coco Bluey?

Coco Bluey is 6-7 years old. She was first introduced in the episode “Shadowlands”. She is a pink poodle with blue butterfly hair clips. She is friends with most of the other kids in the neighborhood, including Bluey, Bingo, Mackenzie, and Snickers. She is also the younger sister of 5 other unnamed siblings.

There is no official canon information on Coco’s birthday, so her age is only an estimate based on her appearance and the ages of the other characters in the show. However, she is generally assumed to be around the same age as Bluey and Bingo, who are both 6 years old.

In the episode “Circus”, Coco appears to have a crush on Mackenzie. She is also shown to be very competitive, as seen in the episode “Baby Race”. She is a fun-loving and energetic dog who loves to play games.

What is the name of Coco’s mom in Bluey?

Coco’s mom in Bluey is named Bella. She is only ever referred to by her first name in the show, but she is credited as “Bella (also known as Coco’s Mum)” in the credits of the episode “Shadowlands”.

Bella is a kind and patient mother who is always there for her children, including Coco. She is also a good friend to Bandit and Chilli, and she often joins in on their games with Bluey and Bingo.

What is Chloe's personality in Bluey?

What is the name of Coco’s dad in Bluey?

Coco’s dad’s name is never mentioned in the show Bluey. He is only ever referred to as “Coco’s dad” or “Bella’s husband.” However, there is a fan theory that his name is Henry. This theory is based on the fact that in the episode “The Creek,” Coco’s dad is seen wearing a hat with the initials “H.G.” on it. Some fans believe that these initials stand for Henry George, which could be a possible name for Coco’s dad. However, this theory is just that – a theory. There is no concrete evidence to support it.

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It is also possible that Coco’s dad does not have a name at all. He may simply be a background character who is not important enough to have a name. Only time will tell if Coco’s dad ever gets a name in Bluey.

Above is information about Coco Bluey that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Bluey. Thank you for reading our posst.

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