Best way to display Funko Pops

Best way to display Funko Pops. There are many reasons why people love exhibiting Funko Pops. Some people love to collect them, while others love to show their love for their favorite characters. Funko Pops can also be a great way to add a little personality and style to your home.

Make your own Funko Pop locations

Best way to display Funko Pops.


Zigzag Shelvles

If you’re in search of a simple yet creative method to display Funko Pops, then use Zigzag shelves. This display idea is recommended if you have a small collection as it helps maximize space in the room.

You can customize your shelf design and make varying patterns based on your collection number or just purchase one from Ikea. By utilizing this shelf idea, displaying your Funko Pops anywhere in the house is made easy and creative.

Floating Shelvles

After you unbox Funko Pops, you’d definitely want to keep them in a mint figure like other collectors, whether for personal, selling, or trading purposes. If this is the case, then floating shelves are another great method to display your collection.

This storage idea is perfect if you want to maximize space in a room, as you can use a vacant wall to display your Funko Pop collection. You can also get creative by using different lengths of shelves or fixing them on the wall in varying patterns.

Ledge Shelvles

If you’re into minimalistic design, ledge shelves are one of the ideal display options for your Funko Pops. This method is a neat way to arrange Pop figures and only requires a few tools to install.

You can place this at the end of the hallway, in between cabinets, or over your office desk at home. Also, you can use different types of wood for added accent or purchase shelves from Ikea.

Acrylic Display Stand Shelvles

Take your Funko Pop collection to the next level with the acrylic display stand shelves – the perfect storage idea for avid collectors! This method is often used to display luxury bags and shoes, so displaying your Funko Pops through this will surely make it more fancy-looking.

In addition, using acrylic display shelves is a cool way to showcase Funko Pops, especially if you’re planning to take them out of their box.

Display case

Display case

While some mistook Funko Pop figurines and other action figures as toys, collectors see them as a form of art that should be treasured [2]. If you consider yourself a Funko Pop aficionado, using a display case is a sign for serious collectors.

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This method is an ideal display option if you decide to unbox your favorite Funko Pops, especially the rarest figure in your collection. Display cases are also recommended for building your own Funko Pop museum.

Geek Stackable Shelves Display

Since the Funko Pops line expands from time to time, the Geek stackable shelves display is the best solution to organize a growing collection. This method works similarly with a display case, but it’s much better as you can keep a Funko Pop in good condition after you unbox them. This can also fit around 3 to 5 figures comfortably.

It offers more space like bookcases as you can stack them up, so keeping Pop figure boxes won’t be a problem.


If you’re looking for sturdy display cases, then a bookcase is your best choice. This one offers a lot of space and is ideal if you have a bunch of Funko Pops to display. You can also use bookcases if you plan to fill a room with Funko Pop figures.

For example, you can use a bookcase to display your favorite figures or line them up on one shelf, so it’s visible at eye level.

Action Figure Stands

Aside from display cases, the action figure stands are another interesting method our team recommends. Action figure stands are easy to assemble and are perfect for showcasing Funko Pops after you unbox them.

However, choosing a safe location should be considered when using this method. You can opt to set it up on a display table in your game room or a bookcase. You can also use this if you’re storing your Pop figures inside an acrylic or glass cabinet.

Stack Them

Nonetheless, if you’re keeping Pop figures boxes, you no longer need to purchase a display case or bookcase as you can stack them up. This method doesn’t cost anything at all, and displaying Funko Pops with its box is the true sign of avid collectors.

Do note that when stacking your Pop figures with their boxes, it is recommended to choose a safe location, such as a spare room intended for storing collectibles.

Acrylic Riser Stand

Now, if you’re purely collecting Funko Pop characters without the intention of selling them, opting for the acrylic riser stand allows you to admire your favorite figures in their full glory.

This method is ideal for showcasing Funko Pops on your gaming den or display table after you unbox them. Furthermore, the acrylic riser stand is a space saver method as you can place it on bookcases.

Glass Cabinet

A fancy way to display Funko Pops, glass cabinets are the perfect display case that is worth the price for its quality. This is easily one of the best ways to showcase and protect unboxed Funko Pop figures as it keeps dust away from your collection.

In addition, some glass cabinets come with locks, so you can be assured that your most valuable Pop is safe from being stolen.

Pastry Cabinet Acrylic Displat

Moreover, if you’re searching for display cases for a small collection of unboxed Funko Pops, the pastry cabinet acrylic display is a good option. This method is also perfect for showcasing a few of your favorite Pop figures, as you can place them on your table or any area in the house where you can easily spot them.

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Wedding Party Cupcake Display

Wedding Party Cupcake Display

If you’re a bit thrifty and looking for a cost-effective but creative way for Funko Pop displays, you can reuse a wedding party cupcake display. This is perfect if you want to flaunt your Pop figures without their boxes, and you can use as many stands as you want to decorate your desk.

Moreover, using cupcake holders gives you more area for display while only occupying minimal space.

Baseball Bat Display Case

An unconventional method to flaunt your Funko Pops, the baseball bat display case is a great alternative for shelves and stands. This type of display case is ideal for small to growing collections as you can stack it up.

You can also use this to form several layers of shelves by leaving a space in between display cases, so you can arrange your Pop figures on top of it.

3 Tier Half Moon Shelf Unit

If you’re looking for displays to accentuate tables, walls, or the end of the hallways, the 3-tier half moon shelf unit is another great option to showcase your Funko Pop figures since it perfectly blends with the rest of the furniture.

This rack is available in wood or acrylic and can be bought with a stand or mounted on walls. It is also perfect for displaying selected collections, especially your favorite Pops.

Combination Of Two (Or More) Shelving Methods

Lastly, you can step up your game by combing two or more shelving methods, especially if you like aesthetically pleasing display shelves. For example, you can use floating shelves with the baseball bat display case to artistically accentuate your walls.

You can also use an action figure stand and place it on bookcases or glass cabinets.

Special Tip- Use Backlights:Led Lights

Special Tip: Use Backlights/Led Lights

With the nostalgia Funko Pop figures bring, there is no limit to collecting as you can keep varying genres and characters in your collection .

So, if you want to enhance the beauty of your collectibles, we recommend using LED lights to illuminate each figure perfectly, be it in a box or an unboxed Funko Pop.

By using LED light strips on your displays, you can stick them anywhere since it’s powered by batteries and is easier to fix.

You also don’t have to pay an additional price for installation as you can cut it to your desired size. Arranging your Pop figures with the extra illumination would definitely make it more stunning.


Is it better to display Funko Pops in the box?

Whether or not it is better to display Funko Pops in the box is a matter of personal preference. There are pros and cons to both methods.

Displaying Funko Pops in the box

  • Pros:
    • Keeps the figures in mint condition.
    • Can be displayed on shelves or in cabinets without taking up as much space.
    • Can be resold for a higher price if the figure is rare or valuable.
  • Cons:
    • The figures are not as visible and can be difficult to appreciate.
    • The boxes can get damaged over time.
    • The figures cannot be played with or posed.
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Displaying Funko Pops out of the box

  • Pros:
    • The figures are more visible and can be appreciated in all their glory.
    • The figures can be played with and posed.
    • The figures can be displayed in a variety of ways, such as on shelves, in cases, or on stands.
  • Cons:
    • The figures can get damaged if they are not handled carefully.
    • The figures may not be as valuable if they are not in mint condition.

Ultimately, the best way to display Funko Pops is the way that you enjoy them the most. If you like the look of the figures in their boxes, then display them that way. If you prefer to see the figures in all their glory, then display them out of the box. There is no right or wrong answer, so just do what makes you happy.

What is the cheap way to display Funko Pops?

  • Stack them on shelves. This is the simplest and cheapest way to display your Funko Pops. You can use any type of shelf, such as a bookshelf, a display shelf, or even a stack of old boxes.
  • Use risers. Risers are small platforms that raise your Funko Pops up off the shelf, giving them a more elevated display. You can buy risers online or make your own out of cardboard or wood.
  • Use acrylic stands. Acrylic stands are clear plastic stands that hold your Funko Pops up and protect them from dust. They’re a bit more expensive than risers, but they’re a great way to display your Pops in a way that’s both stylish and protective.
  • Use shadow boxes. Shadow boxes are framed displays that create a 3D effect for your Funko Pops. They’re a great way to show off your collection in a unique and visually appealing way.
  • Use pegboards. Pegboards are a versatile way to display your Funko Pops. You can use them to create custom displays that fit your space and your style.

How do you display funkos out of the box?

There are many ways to display Funko Pops out of the box. Here are a few ideas:

  • Acrylic risers are a popular option for displaying Funko Pops out of the box. They allow you to stack your Pops on multiple levels, which can help you save space. You can find acrylic risers in a variety of sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect ones for your collection.
  • Floating shelves are another great way to display Funko Pops out of the box. They give your Pops a floating effect, which can make them look really cool. Floating shelves come in a variety of materials, so you can find the ones that best match your décor.
  • Display cases are a great way to protect your Funko Pops from dust and damage. They also come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that matches your décor.
  • Wall mounts are a great way to display Funko Pops if you don’t have a lot of space. They allow you to hang your Pops on the wall, which can save you a lot of floor space.
  • DIY displays are a great way to get creative with your Funko Pop displays. You can use things like shelves, frames, and even cardboard boxes to create unique displays for your Pops.

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