All information you don’t know about Bandit Heeler in Bluey

After first airing in 2018, Bluey – about a cartoon puppy, her little sister Bingo and parents Bandit and Chilli – became the number one kids show on Australian TV, won an International Emmy Kids Award, and attracted celebrity fans including Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes. Let’s learn more about Bandit Heeler.

Bandit Heeler

Who is Bandit Heeler?

Bandit Heeler is the main character in the Australian children’s television show Bluey. He is the husband of Chilli, the father of Bluey and Bingo, and the younger brother of Rad and Stripe. He works as an archaeologist.

Bandit is a loving and playful father who is always up for an adventure. He is also a bit of a goofball, and he often makes mistakes. But he is always there for his family, and he always tries his best.

In the episode “Magic Xylophone,” it is revealed that Bandit has a doctorate in archaeology. He also has a knowledge of and apparent enthusiasm for mythology, as seen on multiple occasions. He uses the name Telemachus, the son of the Greek hero Odysseus, when playing with Bluey and Bingo. He also addresses Bingo as Cassiopeia, after the mythological queen of Ethiopia and mother of Andromeda.

Bandit is a popular character among both children and adults. He is a role model for fathers everywhere, and he is a reminder that it is okay to be silly and make mistakes, as long as you love your family.

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Here are some additional facts about Bandit Heeler:

  • His full name is Doctor Bandit Heeler.
  • He is a big fan of burgers.
  • He loves to play games with his daughters.
  • He is a bit of a klutz, but he always tries his best.
  • He is a great father and husband.

Appearance of Bandit Heeler

Bandit is a Blue Heeler with blue, light blue, tan and black fur. He has light blue feet, hands, outer belly, outer muzzle and eyebrows, blue legs, arms, tail tip and torso, tan belly, muzzle and inner ears, and black tail stem, head and outer ears. He also has a black nose and beard whiskers on his muzzle.

Characters of Bluey

Personality of Bandit Heeler

Bandit loves to play with his daughters. While he often initially complains when asked to play a game, he commits to the game fully, often at the expense of his other responsibilities or personal dignity. He does his best to teach his daughters lessons in the process, with mixed results.

Biography of Bandit Heeler

Bandit is one of the members of the Heeler family. He is the husband of Chilli, the father of Bluey and Bingo, the younger brother of Rad and the older brother of Stripe, brother-in-law of Trixie, son of Bob and Chris, the uncle of Muffin and Socks and the son-in-law of Mort. He works as an archaeologist.

When he was younger, Bandit was a bully to his younger brother Stripe as a child. One day, Bandit was jinxed by Rad, so he was not allowed to speak until someone said his name.

At a holiday park at age ten, he met Chilli or possibly someone who looked similar to her; she now has no memory of this occurring though she and her family has spent vacations there.

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He would often make trips to a creek in his childhood.

Later, when both were adults, he met Chilli in England, which she believes is their first meeting. There is “some dispute” as to the exact circumstances, but it apparently took place “at a party in London.” Chilli would later recall that Bandit had a finger up his nose when they first met.

Eventually, the two began dating, and later on went on a backpacking trip to Italy. While there, Bandit proposed to Chilli, and she accepted; the pair were later married. Among the wedding guests were Frisky and Rad, the latter of whom “probably” fell into a swimming pool.

Some time afterwards, Chilli became pregnant, later giving birth to Bluey. Bandit would later claim to have “wrecked his back changing Bluey’s nappies.” Bingo, their younger daughter, was born a couple of years later.

What is Bluey meant to be?


  • S01E05 – Shadowlands
  • S01E17 – Calypso
  • S01E23 – Shops
  • S01E37 – The Adventure
  • S01E40 – Early Baby
  • S01E41 – Mums and Dads
  • S02E12 – Sticky Gecko
  • S02E16 – Army
  • S02E25 – Helicopter
  • S02E27 – Grandad
  • S02E30 – Library
  • S02E31 – Barky Boats
  • S02E43 – Muffin Cone
  • S02E49 – Typewriter
  • S03E28 – Stories
  • S03E34 – Space
  • S03E44 – Wild Girls
  • SN/AEN/A – Crazy Christmas Lights
  • SN/AEN/A – The Lollipop Song
  • SN/AEN/A – Tea Party with Bluey
  • SN/AEN/A – Humpty Dumpty
  • SN/AEN/A – Flying Saucer
  • SN/AEN/A – Tongue Twister
  • SN/AEN/A – Green Bottles
  • SN/AEN/A – Make Mum Laugh
  • SN/AEN/A – Honk
  • SN/AEN/A – Highball
  • SN/AEN/A – K9 News


Is Bandit Heeler a dilf?

“DILF” is an acronym that stands for “Dad I’d Like to [expletive].” It’s a slang term that is often used to express attraction toward attractive fathers. It’s important to note that the appropriateness of using such terms can vary greatly depending on the context and the audience.

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In the context of the animated show “Bluey,” Bandit Heeler is a fictional character designed for a children’s audience. While discussions about character appearances can happen, it’s crucial to keep in mind the show’s intended audience and maintain a respectful tone in any conversation.

Is Bandit Heeler a bully?

Bandit Heeler is not a bully in the children’s animated television show “Bluey.” “Bluey” is an Australian animated series that follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family, including her father Bandit Heeler. Bandit is portrayed as a caring and playful father who engages with his children in various activities and teaches them life lessons. The show is generally well-received for its positive messages and relatable family dynamics.

Is Bandit Heeler a Dr?

In the animated show “Bluey,” Bandit Heeler is not portrayed as a doctor (Dr.). He is a father figure who engages in various activities with his children and teaches them valuable life lessons. The show primarily focuses on the daily adventures and experiences of Bluey and her family, rather than professional roles like being a doctor.

Does Bandit Heeler work?

In the animated show “Bluey,” Bandit Heeler is depicted as a stay-at-home father. He is often shown taking care of his children, engaging in various activities with them, and teaching them life lessons. The show does not specifically mention his occupation, but his role in the show is primarily centered around his interactions with his family.

Above is information about Bandit Heeler that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of Bluey. Thank you for reading our posst.

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